Just want to express my gratitude for the award I recieved for this month, MOTM = member of the month. I feel very honored at being selected and this was something I never thought of when I started to come here. It was just to get help ingame as I was unfamiliar to this type of games and then I started to add myself.

It does say I can brag about it *laugh* but it also shows that helping out is great. Writing for the Wiki is hard as you do have to think about a number of things, things you learn on the way. I was reluctant in the beginning to do much edit as I was afraid I was going to do something wrong and I only posted pictures from the game, but in the last few months I have learned a lot by looking at others edits to see how to do things and so on.

The important thing is to keep it non personal when you write which can be hard in the beggining and re edit an explanation written already is a bit hard when you did the quest for example a few weeks ago, and especially when you don't use the english language as your first one. Even though I have written, spoken and read english for 40 years, yes I am ..... I still have grammar or spelling errors and I'm glad when someone else see that and correct it. That is helping eachother becoming better editors. No need to get grumpy about that I think.

Another thing also, I'm not sure if I've seen it anywhere but what is the english we should use? American or English. I have been corrected when using english spelling as that is what I have been tought, I don't mind someone doing this but what is the correct use here...

Finally, I write faster than I think so I see now that I have a spelling error in the title..ha...ha.... I wonder if I can edit that.

PS. I could rename it!