Hiya all who reads this.

I've not been playing for a few weeks and when I got back today playing the game I noticed I had now 9 Louis Letrush outside the stables... can't help but laugh to that. There are pics in the first blogpost if you want to have a look.

I just remebered that a few weeks back when I had my heroine ride somewhere, she saw a fight. Nothing unusual about that though but when she reached the 2 characters one was already dead and guess
what! It was Louis Letrush! Another one! I wonder how many of him there are in the game.. ha..ha..

I'm not sure what to do now, to continue or start a new game as I have done all quests. Well, most off them anyway. I have 2 more to do to master all the magic skills, restoration and illusion and right now I'm just trying to raise those up to over 90 so I can finally do them too before I start a new game with another heroine.