I'm not sure, but is he more cunning, sneaky now? Ever since I got Dawnguard the random dragon seams more sneaky in their behavior.. Can something have done this in the new DL or is it because I made my heroine a wampire. Everytime I return to the College in Winterhold, there is always a dragon there now, flying over the head. 9 out of 10 times there are noone else around so I have to face the dragon on my own. He always very quickly "sits" down in the center, waiting for a move. And wating.... luring... then he lifts again but after 10 seconds he comes down again, doing the same thing. Waiting for a move from the Dragonborn.

I thought it might just happen there but last night a random Dragon appeared a bit outside Markarth and he did the same thing. Sat down, luring and waiting, looking at my heroine for a move... then he flew of to return 15 seconds later doing the same thing again.

They didn't use to do this before, not in my game anyway... thoughts?