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(This Prologue greatly condenses the events of The Fallen RPG.  The Black Rose RPG is an intermediary story within The Fallen Series, which is also intertwined with The Heist RPG.  The Fallen is a creation of Lab Coat Billy and The Heist is a creation of SkyrimsShillelagh.)

The Black Rose (Prologue)

Only six months earlier, Tamriel was in turmoil. A war between the Mede Empire, at that time led by Emperor Titus Mede II's only son, Lorenzo, and the Aldmeri Dominion threatened to turn the Imperial provinces into a burning wreck, while a sinister plot hidden behind the smokescreen of the war threatened to send all of Tamriel into a dark age. The traitorous High Chancellor, High General of the Legion, and Imperial Battlemage, Novo Interitus worked in the shadows with the Order of the Black Worm, preparing to raise the God of Worms from the grave and rule as the overlord of Tamriel.But this did not go unnoticed. The Imperial Cult, having been watching with vigilant eyes, promptly sent out one of it's own to gather a company of mercenaries and investigate. Upon realizing the Black Worm's intent to raise Mannimarco, the company swiftly realized that if they didn't act swiftly, the world would burn in the rising of the Worm King, and so they set off to unravel the plot and unmask the leader of the necromancers, so as to stop the rising of the Revenant Moon. Along the way, more joined their cause as they struggled to halt the war and defeat the necromancers, but were ultimately too late. Mannimarco rose and fled from the company to raise an army, preparing to march on Cyrodiil and destroy the Imperial City.

Seeing the trouble at hand, the company gathered a fighting force of their own. Among them, the Forsworn of the Reach, led by Torene's sister, Peri, the Crimson Scars, led by the master assassin Seline Delvanni, a company of mercenaries, led by the mighty warrior Kjalek, and the soldiers of the city, led by the newly-crowned Emperor Makoru. Together, they held the city well, but ultimately the Worm King's forces overwhelmed those of the City. Only the last-minute aid of the last Camoran heir, the deathless King Daithi Camoran, allowed them to drive back the legions of the dead and defeat the Worm King, whose body was burnt to ashes following the ascension of Emperor Makoru to the Imperial throne. Soon afterward the City was rebuilt and the Empire itself began to prosper under the generally benevolent hand of the new Emperor.

But this is not a story about kings and armies. No, this is a rather different story. This is a story about revenge, a plot, and a group of convicts sitting in darkened cells, a story that begins on a cart rolling along a road towards the shadow of a massive prison...