Today I worked on the weapon pages linked to the Steel Weapons (Skyrim) page. There were a few existing ones, but they held little-to-no information about the item; in fact, the Steel Battleaxe article mostly talked about how the Skyforge Steel Greataxe was better!

I also took a glance at the One-Handed and Two-Handed pages, and added a perk tree picture to each.

I anointed the City Guards page with an image, and proofread it a bit. The article seems to be chiefly aimed at Cyrodiil guards, but there is a scattering of Skyrim ones as well. I tried to make it more obvious that Skyrim ones were now part of the article, but I did not make a seperate section. Splitting the Cyrodiil/Skyrim guard information will take quite a bit of time the some nit-picky work of trying to pull out all the references to Skyrim guards that have been threaded into the main body of writing. Fun.