Hey guys I hope you are enjoying my blog posts. Well as you guys know Elder Scrolls Online is going to be a big game at least thats what im thinking, so if anyone has watched trailers and commentaries and all that other cool stuff you may have figured out trhat there is going to be a great deal of customazation. ahaha  may have spelled tha wrong but anyway I just wanted to ask other people what would you choose for a base class and then would you follow your base class or go for something else. I think i would choose Aldemeri Dominion then I wopuld be Khajit because they are the best after all. Then after thats all out of the way I would choose a sorcerer which is an offensive spell caster then I would wear medium armor and focus on blocking and one-handed because the game will allow players to customize so all im saying is take advantage of that. So what will you choose??