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  • Elchzard

    Here I am, crashing through the ceiling on your all for the first time in 6 months! :)
    This special occurrence to let you know that Wikia are making updates! The change to our version of MediaWiki software will come with support for solely HTML5 being available on TESWiki.

    As we speak, Veetor-Bot III is rolling through pages containing outdated html tags and updating them with the necessary changes. This means that you, good community members, won't have to do anything to pages yourselves. If you have custom signatures, though, you'll have to head to Special:Preferences and make sure you've not used any of the tags that HTML5 does not support.

    Thanks for staying dedicated, and good luck with updating your signatures while I slave away updating…

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  • Elchzard

    Not many nominations this month, but Zluhcs managed to get one in at the last minute, nominating our newest admin, Deyvid Petteys.
    As that's the only one we got, he takes the honour of becoming 2012's first MOTM.

    In other news, there's also my own Request for bureaucrat powers up on the admin page. Any votes would be appreciated.

    Thanks again! :)

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  • Elchzard

    Hello people, Elchzard here, with a new series of News blogs, keeping you in touch with the goings on "behind the scenes" at the wiki every week.

    First of all are coloured usernames for certain special people!
    , Timeoin, Bots and get specially coloured usernames to hilight their edits in the Recent Activity feed, and everywhere else for that matter.

    We've also started re-organizing all our templates and categories this week, and this'll continue for a while. For any disruption caused by any of this, please accept our apologies.

    Another new thing bought in recently is the Patroller initiative, which you saw mentioned above. Patrollers receive rollback rights, so they can revert vandalism with one click. We'll be looking out for more prospective…

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  • Elchzard

    Ohai guys, your friendly neighbourhood admin Elchzard here.
    Just letting you know that it's almost November... And everyone knows what happens in November...

    Yes! There's going to be a new Member of the Month!
    So, who is going to get the honour of being the MOTM in the month of Skyrim's release? You decide!

    Go and nominate and vote for your favourite contributors on this page!

    Thanks for the time, Elch out.

    Elchzard prepares himself for the comments complaining about this not being news concerning Skyrim.
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