Hello people, Elchzard here, with a new series of News blogs, keeping you in touch with the goings on "behind the scenes" at the wiki every week.

First of all are coloured usernames for certain special people!
Sysops, Timeoin, Bots and Patrollers get specially coloured usernames to hilight their edits in the Recent Activity feed, and everywhere else for that matter.

We've also started re-organizing all our templates and categories this week, and this'll continue for a while. For any disruption caused by any of this, please accept our apologies.

Another new thing bought in recently is the Patroller initiative, which you saw mentioned above. Patrollers receive rollback rights, so they can revert vandalism with one click. We'll be looking out for more prospective Patrollers over the next few weeks too!

We've also had not one, but two Requests for Adminship this week! Make sure you go and vote on these two wonderful users, jgjake2 - who's responsible for those fancy overlays you're seeing everywhere - and Deyvid Petteys who is helping out massively with our re-organization of templates and categories, and is, of course, already doing a wonderful job as a Patroller.

And I think that's about it for now folks, there'll be more next week!

Elchzard, 22:34, December 17, 2011 (UTC).
(Just to show off the sexy green hilighting one more time ;)