Elrohir of Valenwood

aka Elrohir

  • I live in Castle Dour
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Archer
  • I am Male
  • Elrohir of Valenwood

    I've put in over 600 hours into Skyrim so far and I have to say, I love the depth of emotion people can form with their characters and followers. I personally haven't ever had that kind of connection with a follower, but there are some things in the game that have made me stop and think. Certain places have made me wonder; What happened here?

    Walking along the beach on the way to the college of Winterhold I noticed what looked like a bear, so I went sneaking over to it and it was a tent. Of course my first thought was "Oh good, some loot." Looking inside I found a bedroll covered in different color mountain flowers and some other odds and ends. It dawned on me that I had stumbled upon some newlyweds honeymoon, but they were nowhere to be fo…

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