What to do with this blog... I think I want to talk about establishing a style for Unmarked Locations. So this is my markup cheat-sheet for Unmarked Locations.

|image =
|map =
|hold =
|location =
|type =
|sublocations =
|quests =
|enemies = }}
==Notable items==
==Amenities vs Facilities== how about ==Accommodations== ?
==See also==
* The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

So, I've seen users come along and change Amenities to Facilities. It bugs me... a lot. Maybe there's not really a point to listing things like Bed Rolls or Cooking Pot. And then there's the argument over how to list loot. I think loot is a thing we all care about, but how do we keep such a list tidy? And wouldn't it be nice to mentions what ingredients can be found at the locale? Most of the unmarked location pages are very short and could use more (not less) information.