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    Hey there and sorry for the delay. So, it makes more than one year that my first interview with AES came out and, i'm quite surprised actually that this project is still running and, as popular, and maybe more than it was in it's beginning. Anyway, today, i'm interviewing one of the longest-serving user on the TES, been here since 2011, and is also one of our bureaucrats. He came here,  hoping to make this place a great wiki, and, maybe, one of the best wikia existing. I don't think he could ever have imagined that this same wikia he first came on, would become what it is today. We do owe him a damn lot indeed. So, to show my own gratitude, I decided to interview him, and, for those who are new here, please, take 5 minutes to read the inte…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey hey there ! So since few people asked me to do it, and that it's Easter Week-End, i shall do something very special. From the great You know what really grinds my Wabbajack ? serie, Madman and Dave !

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia: Hey there Madman! How are you doing ?

    • Madman97: I am doing fantastic, Jar Jar. And guess who I brought with me?
    • Dave': Hello. It's been a while.

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia: what is your global point of view of the wikia's situation ?

    • Madman97: Really, I think the situation has improved over the months and we are not in as dire straits as we were recently. With a wonderful new Admin who actually follows the advice of the community, I think we are really getting back on track.Dave?
    • Dave: That's kind of a tough question, becaus…
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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey there ! Welcome to my first interview as a News Team member ! I'm really honored and really glad that people believed in me. So, i shal continue to do my interviews ! Speaking of interviews, sorry for the delay. I know i know, i was supposed to do the interview yesterday but, i was pretty busy IRL so, i hope you'll like this interview ! Enjoy !

    So today, our guest shall be one of the TES Wikia Patroller. He's a great editor and, a really nice person ! You might have seen his yellow name in the RC once, if you still dont know who i'm talking about or, if you didn't read the title of the interview, wich would be quite strange, There he is ! The Rim of the Sky

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia What was your first reaction when you discovered you were…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Here's the interview of our newest administrator ! The great Atvelonis ! The picture doesn'T have any reasons to be here but, i just liked it ! So, enjoy !

    The Elder Scrolls Wiki What was your first reaction when you discovered you were nominated for adminship?

    • I was pretty surprised. I knew that the wiki needed a new sysop, but I had expected that someone who has been here longer would've been nominated for the position. But I think that being administrator will be an interesting experience, and I'm looking forward to helping out the wiki some more.

    The Elder Scrolls Wiki What is it you are going to do when you will be administrator?

    • Well, I will continue doing the things I have always been doing, but I'm also going to be cleaning up pages that…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey there ! I got the chance to interview the TES Patroller and next administrator of this Wikia, Cheatcodechamp. In theses dark times, i tought an interview would mabye, be something people would appreciate. So, here we go !

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What was your first reaction when you discovered you were nominated for Adminship?

    • I was a little surprised. After losing most of the Admin within 24 hours, most of the community that I spoke with agreed we should avoid replacements at least until the end of the month. I am not saying I am not glad for the chance, this was the first wiki I was active with, so being able to be Admin for the wiki I started with is great.

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia:' What is it you are going to do when you will be admin…

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