Hey welcome to my blog. In this blog, I am going to make you discover some staff of the wiki and how they discovered this wiki ! My first interview will be with my Emperor friend, EmperorJohnson.

Game Questions

  • Interviewer:Hi
  • EmperorJohnson:Hi
  • Interviewer:I am going to ask you few questions okay?
  • EmperorJohnson :Sure
  • Interviewer: Okay lets do this
  • EmperorJohnson: : ok
  • Interviewer: Lets talk about the game
  • EJ:Which one?
  • Interviewer:Skyrim
  • EmperorJohnson:Sure
  • Interviewer: What is your favorite add?
  • EmperorJohnson: Dragonborn
  • Interviewer: What is the negative point of the serie?
  • EJ:Bethesda's neglect for lorE
  • Interviewer: What do you mean?
  • EJ: Cyrodil was meant to be a jungle But Tiber "chimed" it away
  • Interviewer: What is the best point of Skyrim?
  • EJ:Hmmm...Its combat.
  • Interviewer: What is your favorite shout?
  • EJ: Fus Ro Dah
  • Interviewer:XD Which organisation is your favorite?
  • EJ: Mages Guild
  • Interviewer: Is that so....And what is your favorite weapon?
  • EJ:Don't have one.Its a custom anyway
  • Interviewer:Do you kill citizens for your own fun sometime?
  • EJ:Nope an emperor must alway be kind to his subjects
  • Interviewer: True ! When you're bored in skyrim, what are you doing?
  • EJ: Reading
  • Interviewer: Do you find the content of the books interresting?
  • EJ: Not really

Wiki Questions

  • Interviewer:  : How many years is that making since you joined Tes?
  • EmperorJohnson:I joined last year in June.
  • Interviewer: Were you already an Emperor or you had another name?
  • EmperorJohnson: I was already a Emperor.
  • Interviewer: And how do you feel with the fact that your not the only one?
  • EmperorJohnson: Well, I'm the first and most powerful.
  • Interviewer:Ikr thats normal

There's only one emperor and no place for 2 right?

  • EmperorJohnson: Yeah
  • Interviewer: Now lets talk about Wikia. How did you discover Tes:Wiki?
  • EmperorJohnson: I wanted to contribute my knowledge about TES
  • Interviewer:Were you shy?
  • EmperorJohnson: No
  • Interviewer: Hi hi thats normal for an emperor eh?
  • EmperorJohnson:Yeah
  • Interviewer: There is something that i want to know especially
  • EmperorJohnson:Ask Away
  • Interviewer: When you joined, is the wiki was sooo populated like now?
  • Emperor Johnson Not really.

There was a considerable amount of people but not like there is now.

  • Interviewer:So you saw the population grow up?
  • EmperorJohnson:Yeah
  • Interviewer:What is your future goal in the wiki?
  • EmperorJohnson: To become a moderator, Although its unlikely.
  • Interviewer:Wait why??
  • EmperorJohnson: Because not many people like me nor would vote for me.
  • Interviewer:Whaaaa'r an emperor Your most likely everytime here

  • EJ:Mmm
  • Interviewer:What is the best quality of the wiki?
  • EJ:Community
  • Interviewer:Why?
  • EJ: Because everyone can come together.
  • Interviewer:With Whom do you have good relations
  • EJ: That depends. I have great releations with Nait Nelthar ,Man of steak and Pickleseller.The community is great here because it just is

Theres releationships, friendships and heart break. All of which I've experienced.

  • Interviewer: OKAY TIME FOR THE BONUS
  • EJ: Okay shoot !

/!\BON U S/!\

  • Interviewer:Will you buy Elder Scroll Online?
  • EJ: No. Unless the thing is removed.
  • Interviewer:Why?
  • EJ:The payment per month.

I can afford it but..

  • Interviewer: Well the interview is Over ! Thx for your answer:)
  • EJ: No Problems
  • Interviewer:Okay You liked the interview?
  • EJ: Yeah
  • Interviewer: on 10 how many do you give for it?
  • EJ: 7/10
  • Interviewer: 70% Thats way more than what i have in mathematic at school !:D