• Interviewer:Hi
  • Angry:Hi
  • Interviewer:I am going to ask you few questions okay?
  • Angry :Sure
  • Interviewer: Okay lets do this
  • Angry : ok
  • Interviewer: So, how much time it make since you joined The wiki?
  • Angry : I joined on the 28th of December last year


  • Interviewer: How did you discover this wiki?
  • Angry : I found the wiki roughly two years ago when I had problems with a quest in Oblivion
  • Interviewer: Did you realize that it was a wiki Or you tought it was just a random website?
  • Angry : Well, I realized it. I mean, it's called "The Elder Scrolls Wiki", after all.
  • Interviewer:XD thats right !
  • Interviewer: Were you shy when you joined?
  • Angry : Not really. I mostly posted on the Forums and tried to help as much as I could.
  • Interviewer: Were you aleady an adept of Wikia or TES makes you discover Wikia?
  • Angry: TES made me discover this wiki and the UESP wiki.
  • Interviewer: Nice ! When you joined, what was your first goal?
  • Angry: To help people who have questions about TES lore as much as I can.
  • Interviewer: A real super heroe

Who wanna help other :D

  • Angry : Yeah
  • Interviewer: What was the first rank you earned?
  • Angry : Well, my first and only rank is Forum Moderator.
  • Interviewer : How did you get your promotion?
  • Angry :I applied for the position c.a three weeks ago

People liked me, supported me, and I got the rank around 1 week ago

  • Interviewer :Were you happy?
  • Angry : Happy? Kinda.
  • Interviewer: Do you think you'll apply for another rank?
  • Angry No. Being a Forum Moderator is already more than enough, and I'm not hunting for ranks. I applied for the position of Forum Mod to be able to help more on the Forum and Chat.
  • Interviewer: Thats noble :)I am satisfied that people don't hunt for rank. You're a good mod
  • Angry: Thanks
  • Interviewer: Okay Angry, i am gonna ask you 6 others questions.
  • 'Angry: Okay
  • Interviwer :What is the best qualitiy of the wiki
  • Angry: Quality? I guess the Screenshots.
  • Interviwer: And for the Community?
  • Intervier:he community is also nice.

But there are sometimes people who attack other users without any reason, which is of course not good.

  • Interviewer: Thats right
  • Interviewer:What is the negative point in the wiki?
  • Angry: The articles about TES lore. Most of them have fanon in them and are often blatantly wrong. The only really good lore articles would be the ones about the Towers and Vivec.
  • Interviewer: What is your best work here?
  • Angry:A blog I wrote about a theory I created.This one
  • Interviewer: with who do you have good friendship?

*Angry: Ikabite, We worked together on some articles and discussed quite often about obscure lore such as CHIM.

  • Interviewer: Thats right he's pretty awesome
  • Angry: I know right !
  • Interviewer: What is your favorite game of the serie?
  • Angry: TESIII: Morrowind
  • Interviewer: Not Skyrim ?
  • Angry: Nope. I like Morrowinds storyline more. Skyrims storyline is ok, but not that great.
  • Interviewer: You found it easy?
  • Angry: The Skyrim main quest? Yes, Alduin was a relatively easy end boss. Easier than Dagoth Ur, at least.
  • Interviewer:
  • Angry Harkon was also quite easy. Miraak was relatively hard. The Ebony Warrior, heh... the fight against him reminded me of the fight against Almalexia in the Tribunal addon for Morrowind.
  • Interviewer: What was your favorite fight in the adds?
  • Angry: The fight against Miraak.
  • Interviewer:The last and not the least, : Will you buy the Elder scrol online?
  • AngryEnclaveSoldier: That's a good question.
  • Interviewer:That's my job isn't?
  • Angry: I wanted to buy the Imperial Edition, but it was sold out... Oh, and I find those bonuses disgusting. ZeniMax gives people who pre-order it too many advantages. But the Molag Bal statue looks amazing :P

The bonus questions are some asked to the people when the interviewer liked the interview. Now there are 2 of them ! Congrats ! /!\ Bonus /!\

*Interviewer: Well, the interview's done ! Thx for your time ! Angry:*No problems !