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Stormcloaks Solitude

Our guest is a fan of the Stormcloaks! He's a humble nord that deserves a decent interview ! FOR SOVNGARDE


Note: The 4 questions are most likely the same for each staff. But the others are different

  • Wich game if your favorite?
  • Wich shout is your favorite?
  • Were you shy when you joined TES?
  • What is the best quality of the wiki?
Nord (Online)

Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing with one of the Forum Modo of the site, Zippertrain85


TES WIKI: Tell us a little about yourself first ! How did you joined wikia? .
Zippertrain85:Well, I originally used the Wiki often for Elder Scrolls stuff.
It actually helped me learn a lot about Skyrim. Then one day, I finally decided to actually make an account and contribute.

  • TES:Wise descision XD
  • Zippertrain85:Another reason was that I wanted to have some Civil War discussions.

Like I used to on YouTube.

  • TES:How many years that make since you joined TES?
  • Zip:Almost one.

But it's exactly nine months.

  • TES: Thats Alot :O
  • Zip:Yeah.

I'm one of the oldest users still around. By account age. XD

  • TES: And Were you shy when you joined?
  • Zip: Definitely not. I made quite the name for myself with my blogs. Like I said before, I knew the Wiki was very Imperial, and since I like the Stormcloaks, I wanted to have some new discussion.
  • TES:Funny was very imperial

Were you afraid to get your edits rollback or deletd?

  • Zip:Well, at first I didn't edit too much. So not really, but now I kind of do. But I understand that I'm not always right in the edits I make, so sometimes it's necessary.
  • TES:What is your goal in the wiki?
  • Zip:My goal now is to share my Elder Scrolls passion with others.

Let them have the fun.
Just like I did when I originally got into the series.

  • TES::) That is amazing. I like that way of thinking
  • Zip:That's why I'm aspiring to become an Administrator.

So I can really do stuff on here.
You know?

  • Tes:Aspiring to be admin?
  • Zip: Yep
  • TES: But will you be able to?
  • Zip:It's not easy, but I think if I keep improving myself, I'll eventually get there.

One thing in I'm focusing a lot on now is editing.

  • TES:I see 7.000
  • ZIP:We roleplay
  • TES:And now, lets ask 2 questions before the game questions
  • Zip:Ok
  • TES:What is the best qualitie of the wiki?
  • Zip:I think it's how we all come together as a community and share out passion.

Not just in editing, but in things like lore discussion and roleplay.

  • TES:You want me to tell you something?
  • Zip:Sure
  • TES:.........Im batman

but shhhhhhhhh...

  • Zip: XD I knew it!

TES:Wich is the negative point of the wiki?:

  • Zip:The government could be better.

With keeping the Wiki under control and everything. I mean, I feel like the government has a lot of good users. But we're too small for a growing Wiki.

  • TES:You know, i am glad i could find something to do here

Because, like Tombraiser sais, some users come here and can just add 2-3 edits

  • Zip:Yeah.

I think we're fixing it though.

  • TES:I dont want to end like those in such of great wiki like this

so i've decided that i would do an attractive thing

  • ZIP:Good for you.
  • Okay now its time to talk about the serie !


  • TES:What is your favorite Elder Scroll?
  • ZIP:Skyrim. It's the first game I played. And I really like the story and the Nordic, viking, culture.

You're the first. My others guest prefered other game :D

  • ZIP: :)
  • TES:What is your favorite shout?
  • ZIP:Drain Vitality is a cool one.

I also really like Dragon Aspect.
And of course, the classic, ''Unrelenting Force''.

  • TES:What's amazing about this game?

that makes you love it more than others game?

  • ZIP:How it's like another world.

It has so much depth to it, that I just fall in love.

  • TES:Hum i am gonna ask you a weird question
  • Zip:Sure
  • ZIP:I do Shoot !
  • TES:...................How do you feel now to have Batman in front of you?.......
  • ZIP:A little intimidated, but kind of in awe as well.
  • Zip: :D
  • Tes:Now the questio is: Sometime, when you're bored, you kill some citizen?
  • Zip:Rarely.

Maybe once or twice.

  • Tes:I destroyed riften.......

none was left
they were all dead in their blood uh uh uh

  • Zip:Harsh...!
  • Tes::S *cough*
  • Zip:What piss you when you play skyrim?
  • Tes:When I lose

TES WIKI: And you forgot to save?
Back to the beginning, that's angering.

  • TES:Me is when i am walking and i am cool and then i find some spider and i kill em its cool

Then there is wolves i kill them
then there is a the same time of a giand....
And then there is a legendary dragon that comming out of a rock and kills me
I re-starts where i was 3h before

/!\BON U S/!\

TES WIKI: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?

  • Read the rules
  • Try and be respectful to everyone, this is supposed to be a good environment
  • Be able to handle getting reverted if necessary
    Try and get involved in a little of everything
    Know your stuff

Which might sound the same as one.
But it's more for editing.
TES WIKI:Good advices! Will you buy TES:Online?
Zippertrain85: Yes, I think I will.
TES WIKI: When you were promoted to Forum Moderator, hwo did you felt?
Zippertrain85: I have felt good, that the community trusted me to do this. And that I now had the tools to keep the peace *cough* banhammer *caugh* XD

  • cough
  • TES:XD If you had to suggest someone to a promotion

who's would it be?

  • Zip: I would say User:Crazy131 to Patroller. He edits a lot, and they're usually productive.

Maybe some new Chat Mods. Even though we have a bit.

  • TES:How do you feel when a new wave of users are comming in the wiki?

Are you afraid of vandalism?

  • Zip:Not really, I just laugh at it, and then press revert.
  • TES WIKI: Well its over ! I loved this interview ! It was really great. How much do you give on 10?
  • Zippertrain85: 9/10
  • TES:Thx

Well folks, that's all the time we have this day. Tune in next interview for the next addition of Emperor Jarjarkine Interviews. We'll be having a very epic guest on our show!