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Welcome to this 9th interview ! Today, this interview will be about my old friend, ScholarOfTheScrolls
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So a little introduction about, what are the interviews ! Emperor Jarjarkine is going to be the interviewer today !...w.. well I know, I know, it is the usual but I like this title ಠ_ಠ...damn ;( anyway ! For those who don't know what are the interviews, it is a project I created to have fun here and to help in my way. When I first started, I didn't think it would be so popular. So i owe this blog's popularity to you all ! Thx alot TES Wikian ! There will be fiew news for this interviews. Depending of the feedback, i'll continue like that. So now you have a tabber. You can read the differents part of the interview more easly.

"I used to be an administrator on here...But then, I took an arrow in my heart."
―Emperor Jarjarkine
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Retired Staff
"Training? Goodness me, I'm retired! I'm afraid combat doesn't interest me any more."Pranal

This user is a retired staff member on TESWiki. After serving their time protecting the wiki from trouble and guiding newer members, Emperor Jarjarkine/Interview With the staff/ScholarOfTheScrolls has since stepped down from their former role and is hoping the Dark Brotherhood doesn't come after them during their retirement. You can message them on their talk page here if you need something, though they may not respond.

Hello, and welcome to my user page! I'm Emperor Jarjarkine, also known as simply Jarjar, and I'm a former administrator of The Elder Scrolls Wiki. I have a love for all things The Elder Scrolls, particularly for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , which is what first brought me to the site back in November  2013 . My user name is derived from Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker and, the Emperor is a reference to two of my favorite anime characters, Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) and Gilgamesh. As a member of the News Team and of the Team Skyrim, I help write, review, and promote articles to FAs, CAs or Gas.

If you need to contact me, please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. You can also find me on the chat but since I rarely come here, sadly, you'd be better off leaving a message on my TP !


  • I began editing The Elder Scrolls Wikia  on November 3, 2013.
  • I published my first interview on february 9 2014
  • I joined the News Team on Mars 16, 2015
  • I created with CCC the Guild Project and i became Supervisor on February 2, 2015
  • I became Helper the May 26 2015 !
  • I became Patroller the 8 june 2015 !
  • 14 Juin, I promoted Aela The Huntress to GAN
  • 24 Juin, I created my first pages, Brooding Elf Inn, Hlaalu Alchemical Goods
  • 26 June, One month as a Helper !
  • 9 September, I became Administrator here on the Elder Scrolls Wikia !!
  • 1 mars, resigned from administrator and news team.

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Emperor Jarjarkine

Wiki Questions

  • Interviewer: Shall we proceed ?
  • chose to holler the Scholar.
  • Interviewer: Hé hé
  • Scholy: Well this is my 2nd most anticipated interview, next to my (hopefully) upcoming job interview :D
  • Interviewer: So first of all,

How did you joined the wikia ?

This was back when we were Stormcloak to the bone.
I came intending to debate at first.

  • Interviewer: hum

Did you started to edit after this debate ?

  • Scholy:Yes I did start editing a bit
  • Interviewer:were you shy ?
  • Scholy: Well, yes I would say I was quite a bit shy with my edits. XD
  • Interviewer: well anyone is eh ? :P
  • Scholy: I only really corrected grammar and spelling mistakes at first.

Little things like that.
I still edit now and then today, although not much.

  • Interviewer:Yeah but you have a good reason eh ? Being modo isn't an easy job is it ?
  • Scholy:Being a mod is pretty chill if you know how to handle it.

But college is usually spamming me with homework and what-not. If college was a user in the chat, it would be banned ASAP for spam.

  • Interviewer: Oh ? And, it was a surprise for you to see that you was nominated for a Modo right ?
  • Scholy:I was told prior, THAT surprised me.

I was like "me, really?"
Didn't see it coming.

  • Interviewer: hé hé

 You are the first one
that was actually surprise
when he was in nomination

  • Scholy:Really ?
  • Interviewer: yeah yeah i knew it'll be happening or

things like that

  • Scholy:Be right back while I check the other ones again XD

Jks I'll check after.

  • Interviewer: xDD What's hard about being a modo ?
  • Scholy:

Kicking/Banning users you're friends with for one.
I also have to keep an eye on the chat most of the time/
And I'm known for going AFK a lot.
Probably due to an annoyance previously mentioned
There's always bickering, too.
It's harder when it's other mods bickerin

  • Interviewer: I have few mod friend (i wont say their name cuz i suppose everyone should have a minimum of respect, even comming from an emperor) who resigned, due to critizm
  • Scholy: As do I.
  • Interviewer: what ?
  • Scholy:I have friends who resigned.

For various reasons.

  • Interviewer:Is it often that you get critizm ?
  • Scholy:Yes, usually from users I have banned though.

 Hell one of them actually went onto my Game of Thrones wiki page to hate on me

  • Interviewer: :/
  • Scholy: It was quite funny.
  • Interviewer: Do you have ambition ?

to get to a higher position than now ?

  • Scholy: No.

I am happy as a chat mod.

  • Interviewer: kay :P
  • Scholy:Any nominations for me will get an oppose from myself. :D
  • Interviewer:Oh a last question

during your first day/week as a modo
were you nervous ?

  • Scholy:I must have been suitable to get so many supports, after all.

13 Supports, 0 opposes, 0 neutrals.

  • Interviewer:0_0

As i am trying to be Whitebeard as much as possible, I love talking about past

  • Scholar: I do too, if I can remember it.
  • Interviewer:

You are from the same generation of mine am i right ?

  • Scholar: You joined around November last year, so yes.
  • Interviewer:if i do remember

PLP, Owen were from that generation too :)

  • Scholar:PLP?

I swear he was around LONG before me.
When I first entered the chat, he was there, as a mod.

  • Interviewer:no joke 0_0

Hum well thats strange..Well when i arrived, he and Owen were new like me

  • Scholar:He and Owen seemed like the vets to me XD
  • Interviewer: vets ?
  • Scholar:Veterans
  • Interviewer:xD
  • Scholar: What you thought I meant proper vets?
  • Interviewer:So, thats mean....i am older than you xD
  • Scholar:Meh

Only by a bit
Same month

  • Interviewer:Yeah but still :(
  • Scholar: Then again I only started joining the chat 3 or so months later XD
  • Interviewer:true

Games Questions

Interviewer: So, why dont we start with thoses game Questiosn ?
Scholy:Knock yourself out.
Interviewer: wut ?
Scholy: It's a saying for "go ahead"
Interviewer: Oh okay xD, We'll talk about Skyrim, Oblivion and mabye ESO cuz else is shit
Scholy:No Morrowind? Ok
When you first played Oblivion
because i am sure you do play oblivion eh ?
Scholy:Oblivion was my first game
Interviewer:how was Oblivion ?
Scholy:Back in the day Oblivion was the thing.
My friends wouldn't shut up about it
I played it
eventually XD
I expected to get bored fast
But no
This game
It was, not what they all said it was.
But Oblivion got me into this franchise
I sweated it 24/7 non stop
 I have soooooo many nostalgic memories of it.
Scholy: Yeah that was me when I was playing Oblivion ^
Gurarara i hate nostalgic memories
it reminds you of the old great time
my memories about Skyrim
there are too much for me to count
I bet i gamed at Skyrim more than you did at Oblivion :)
Scholy:You want to bet?
Even so
I probably played Skyrim more than I played Oblivion.
Usually games that are overhyped I find to be boring.
But Oblivion and Skyrim
Overhyped, yes, boring? Not a chance
Interviewer:But, when you saw that Skyrim was coming out
What did you think about the game ?
Scholy:I fucking cried
I expected Oblivion to be the last one
Interviewer: why ?
Scholy:SInce the Septims were all gone and such, and TES has always revolved around the Septim Empire.
Back then it did
I separate my Skyrim memories into 2 categories
1: Waiting for it
2: Playing it
Interviewer:What do you mean Waiting ?
Scholy:2011 was the time of checking for Skyrim updates, learning of what was to come, imagining the experience etc.
Day Skyrim came out I just ran home, I didn't even care.
"Sup mum, where is it, kkthanxbai"
Skyrim is still probably one of my favourite games to this day
Seriously, idk about the other games, but, The Music, the feeling, the characters, the theme, the background, everything is incredible
I agree with all of them, although they could work on the characters a bit.
Of course they have good ones
But there are a lot of forgettable ones.
But then you have the characters like Ulfric, Serana etc
Ulfric is one of the most controversial figures I've seen in a TES game.
Interviewer:controversial ?
Well now, you'll explain me why does everyone makes such of strange theory on Ulfric
whats going on with him ?
Scholy:The Stormcloaks vs Imperial debates are everywhere
Most of the points used by the Imperials
Is that he's racist, selfish, etc.
Others argue that he would be the king Skyrim needs
well me i think that Balgruuf or whatever his name is i never could spell it right anyway
the Jarl of whiterun
should be the High King
I don't know really
To be honest, there is no perfect High King
Interviewer:Elesif ?
Scholy:Elisif is too much of a follower. Balgruuf is noble but he is too slow to make choices. Ulfric is hot-headed
Interviewer: Why did he bring back the axe anyway ?
Scholy: I can't remember really, It's been too long since I even played the game.
Interviewer:xD Well.....
Well this interview is over !!
Yeah dont worrie :P
Did you like the intervew you finally could have ?
Scholy:Yes, very much so.
Interviewer:What would be your score on /10
Scholy:It was gr8 m8 I r8 8 out
So, Again this interview was a succes and i thx ScholarOfTheScrolls fot this nice interview ;) ! See ya for the next one ! But watch out ! The wikia is ful of action right now ! Mabye EbonySkyrim ? Ghost Anubis or Miraak Obama or....Timeoin ! We'll discover the next one in 2 weeks ! SEE YA