Wiki Questions

  • Interviewer: So hey Sky
  • Sky:Jarjar
  • Interviewer:Now, first of all, how are ya'
  • Sky:I'm good, wiki activity has been keeping me off from some of my personal problems.

I'm getting a new computer.

  • Interviewer: a mac ? :)
  • Sky:Gods no


  • Interviewer:ow
  • Sky:I likek Pcs more :)
  • Interviewer:How did you discover Wikia ?
  • Sky: When I first began playing World of Warcraft, back in 2012, i guess, i was a frequent reader of their wiki.
  • Interviewer:is the information was good ?
  • Sky: Yeah, they helped me quite a lot, probably because i was a noob (still am, kinda)
  • Interviewer:pff you aren't that much :P
  • Interviewer: But how did you discover THIS wiki ?
  • Sky: was looking for assistance with the Blood on the Ice quest.

The article helped me fix the bugs.

  • Interviewer:kkay, And you was an anon ?
  • Sky: Yeah, it'd take nearly six months for me to create an account and join the forums. My old account was The Skooma Cat. I made a new account to change my name.
  • Interviewer: why 6 months ? Were you afraid to create one ?
  • Sky:Nah, that was the time it took for me to edit something. When i did, a message was sent to me. Telling me to sign up.
  • Interviewer: And then the Skooma Cat came alive
  • Sky:Yessss !!! MY CREATION IT'S ALIVE
  • Interviewer: And, what happened with your first edits ?
  • Sky:They had poor grammar and spelling. People fixed them.
  • Interviewer:kkay. And, what was your goal here on the wiki ?
  • Sky:I mostly hang around the forums answerig questions and having fun on the silly threads. From August to September 2013, my activity was forum restricted. Some minor edits now and then
  • Interviewer: Oh ? And, it was a surprise for you to see that you was nominated for a Patroller right ?
  • Sky:I only began editing seriously when Fire Wolf Pup began editing, somewhere in October. I had some sort of a rivalry with her. Then sometime in December, i was nominated, having edited quite a lot.
  • Interviewer:You are Patroller of the TES:Wikia. What is hard in your job ?
  • Sky:SorryWel Nothing, really xD I like performing my wiki duties. However, It can become exhaustive to tutor certain offending users.

Interviewer:Hum And, do you plan on becoming administrator ?
Sky:Plan, no. I'd like it, though.
I wouldn't have to report users, i could just ban them at the spot.

  • Interviewer: Now shall we go to the game questions ?
  • Sky:Sure :P

Game Questions

  • Interviewer: We'll talk about Skyrim
  • Sky:K
  • Interviewer: what is the thing you like in skyrim wich wasn't there in Oblivion
  • Sky:The atmosphere, i like it a lot. Birds singing, bandits dying, dragons flyig overhead, and the music.

OH THE MUSIC !!! Oblivion lacked some dungeon complexity. Skyrim had it in abundancy.

  • Interviewer: Wha's with the music ?
  • Sky:I think Skyrim's soundtrack is The best in all of the games.

Specially the main theme. Besides that, the game is also prettir in overall, than Oblivion But, despite all that, I like Oblivion the most.
I don't know for sure, i guess the game's more RPG-ish than Skyrim.
And more polished than Morrowind.


Lore discussion Between Jarjar and Sky-sama (read it if you wanna but it may be a good idea :P This part isn't filtred for the kids so, swear and other shit are here because, thats all the discuss :P)

  • Well Well Well i think i have no more questions ! It was a cool interview with my TES Mentor
  • Sky:Thanks
  • Interviewer:How would you rate it ?
  • Sky:It was a cool interview with the emperor of the northern french lands! 11/10 would buy!
  • interviewer: hé hé seriously ? I often have the impression that the guy i interview dont have fun
  • Well, Don't have impressions, then
  • interviewer: I know that the first one it was hard and stressing because it was the begining and you were scaring me
  • Sky Above,Voice Within :Me?
  • interviewer: yeah
  • Sky Above,Voice Within How did i scare you? Wot Am i that ugly
  • interviewer:Yes sorry, its just hard to foloww 3 discuss at the same time and it taked me 3 hour to do an interview thats why i am interviewing rarely it is loooooong Well you were looking cold and super serious .
  • Sky:HAHA That's gotta be the most badass i got, ever.
  • XD
  • ......
  • .....
  • Interviewer:SHIT
  • Sky:Wot 0.o
  • Interviewer:I JUST NOTICED i just noticed  !
  • Sky:Yeah, i got my rights last week. A troll came in, and i asked for the chat mod tools.
  • Interviewer:Whaaat
  • Sky: Someone was spamming the chat, and i didn't have the tools to ban them. Later, i asked Tomb for te tools, and now i'm a hat mod
  • Interviewer: Okay i taught he came, you asked HIM for rights and then you became modo
  • Sky:Lel "Mr Troll, pls give mi rigts so i can ban u" ..........

Well Thanks for this cool interview ans if you have any other question, advices or comments, we recommend you to leave a comment :P