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Ulfric Jarl
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The Elder Scrolls Wiki What was your first reaction when you discovered you were nominated for adminship?

  • I was pretty surprised. I knew that the wiki needed a new sysop, but I had expected that someone who has been here longer would've been nominated for the position. But I think that being administrator will be an interesting experience, and I'm looking forward to helping out the wiki some more.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki What is it you are going to do when you will be administrator?

  • Well, I will continue doing the things I have always been doing, but I'm also going to be cleaning up pages that need to be looked at, such as the many deletion candidates on the wiki. People have been complaining that those areas need more attention for a while now, and I seek to fix those problems.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki What do you think is the best quality of this wiki?

  • Definitely the incredibly hard-working and dedicated community we have. So much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time, and I'm grateful that the people here are just as passionate about the wiki as I am.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki What would you like to improve here? About our community?

  • There's a lot of stuff I want to improve. I'm excited to get ESO soon, and I'm planning on adding a lot of content from the game to the site. It would make me very happy if I saw more people who normally just hang out in the background starting to actively involve themselves in the site's activities and events, and if people who don't edit that much at all start doing so more often. Every change is a big help.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki How did you discover the wiki?

  • I don't quite remember why exactly I came here for the first time. But I do remember getting stuck on "Trinity Restored" (due to a bug) a very long time ago; this wiki was always the place I gravitated to for information.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki How did you get into editing?

  • It was the lack of locations of various items (e.g. books) that really set me off, and from there I slowly started updating more aspects of the site until I got totally hooked.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki Do you have some advice for anyone who’s interested in becoming an active contributor to the site?

  • Make edits! Ask questions! We're all nice people, and we'd be happy to help you with whatever issues you may be facing. I for one would love to get to know all of you. Hopefully that's something I can do! :)

The Elder Scrolls Wiki What kind of impact would you like to leave on TES?

  • Some people here are kind of pessimistic about the wiki's future and similar topics. If nothing else, I want everyone to start thinking more positively in the future. If we all work together, we can achieve so much! There's no use in looking at the downsides of everything. Your demeanor when editing is more important than you think.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki Tell us a bit about your time here.

  • When first I began editing here, I almost exclusively went to Ebony asking questions, and over time I learned more and more about the wiki and editing in general. I also made an effort to get to know the community and staff better, and started taking on new projects. That eventually led up to when I became a patroller, and subsequently my administrator nomination.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki As a patroller of the wiki, do you have specials duties each days?

  • Oh yes. It's my job to watch over the Recent Changes box for vandalism or mistakes, and I do my best not to miss any edits. They can really pile up sometimes, but all the same I enjoy the job. It takes a lot of commitment, but it feels good to know that you're protecting the wiki.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki As an Administrator of the wiki now (congratulations by the way), do you have another view of the wiki?

  • Somewhat. Since becoming a staff member, I've known that it's my job to help maintain the wiki, and I've started learning a lot more about the community and the wiki itself. And while that has changed my perception of the site in some minor regards, I mostly think of the wiki as I always have—an amazing community recording all knowledge of The Elder Scrolls series, and a place where I can contribute my knowledge as well.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki  You are an avid contributor of this wiki, everyone knows that. But, do you focus on a topic? I mean, do you edit more often edit on Skyrim or Oblivion than Daggerfall or Morrowind?

  • The vast majority of my major edits are on Skyrim articles, usually adding dialogue or interactions with characters. I'm more knowledgeable about Skyrim than I am of any other game in the series, so that area is where I spend most of my time expanding upon.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki What is your opinion on the current situation of the wiki? And as a new admin? What do you plan to do to solve this awful period?

  • I wouldn't really call this period awful. Perhaps a little slow, but we're still doing quite well. We're also going to be experiencing some growth very soon when new editors join the site. As an administrator, I encourage new members to make edits! Don't be afraid! And seriously, this isn't some "wiki dark age" or anything. The wiki is doing great, and from here on out it will only get better!

The Elder Scrolls Wiki Do you think administrators are more important than normal users in some situations?

  • Not really. While the administrators are definitely important, it is the community as a whole that really makes a difference. We honestly couldn't survive without all of the wonderful people working hard to make the wiki what it is today.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki If you could change something in the TES, what would it be?

  • We're somewhat lacking in information on the older games. It would be awesome if we had more people who have the ability to work on the older stuff. I sadly can't help out in that regard because I know very little about them, but I thank all of the people who can and do! Know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki For those who aren't familiar with your contributions here, describe us a bit about some of the things you do here.

  • I can often be seen working on building up character articles. Much of the dialogue on the wiki (well, on Skyrim articles, at least) was added by me at one point or another. Some of the notable articles I've built up a whole lot include Ulfric Stormcloak and Galmar Stone-Fist. Additionally, I've expanded on the majority of our character articles, and, to a lesser extent, many Skyrim book articles.

TES Questions

The Elder Scrolls Wiki What do you think is the importance of the FA or GA in our community? Do you think it could be improved?

  • The Featured Articles are considered the best on the wiki, and editors should use them as a role model or guide when building up smaller articles to get them to FA or GA standard. However, despite their excellent quality, there is always something that can be improved with them, just like any other article. So everyone should feel free to add something that is missing!

The Elder Scrolls Wiki When you first came here, and you first edited, did you know you'll one day get to the point where you are?

  • No, not at all. I didn't really think about being a staff member here until I was nominated for patroller, which came as quite a surprise, to say the least. And becoming an administrator? No, I was definitely not expecting that either.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki Do you have any final thoughts or words of wisdom you’d like to share?

  • An edit is an edit, no matter how small. I know I say this a lot, but it's the truth. It doesn't matter if you're adding new content, or if you're just fixing links or proofreading; it all helps! Don't feel discouraged if you think your edits aren't appreciated—they most certainly are!

The Elder Scrolls Wiki Did you like TESO?

  • I haven't played it yet, but from what I've heard it's not bad. I'm more interested in adding info from it to the wiki than actually playing the game, and I'm hoping that I'll be having some fun with that soon.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki If you lived in Skyrim, where would you live and why?

  • Probably Whiterun. I know, I know, it's such a mainstream choice... but still, Whiterun is the only city in Skyrim in which I feel truly safe. It's a cozy little town in a nice location, opening it up for trade and prosperity, plus it's quite pretty. No other city has been able to replicate that feeling of simple beauty that I find in Whiterun. It's the only place in Skyrim that I think I would ever be able to call home.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki What is your opinion of the Civil War? Who are you supporting? The Imperials or the Nords? (watch your answer because, some users may be against your choice :P )

  • I've always been a Stormcloak guy. I feel a sense of loyalty to Skyrim and to her people; I don't want some snotty elf telling me what I can and can't do. As Galmar would say, "One lives for the things he is willing to die for."

The Elder Scrolls Wiki:  Who's your favorite divine in Skyrim?

  • Easy, Talos. He's the only god I have ever really admired. A talented war strategist, warrior, and leader in life, and after his passing, a symbol of freedom to all Nords, he is probably one of my favorite people in The Elder Scrolls. Talos guide you.

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