Hey there ! I got the chance to interview the TES Patroller and next administrator of this Wikia, Cheatcodechamp. In theses dark times, i tought an interview would mabye, be something people would appreciate. So, here we go !


The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What was your first reaction when you discovered you were nominated for Adminship?

  • I was a little surprised. After losing most of the Admin within 24 hours, most of the community that I spoke with agreed we should avoid replacements at least until the end of the month. I am not saying I am not glad for the chance, this was the first wiki I was active with, so being able to be Admin for the wiki I started with is great.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia:' What is it you are going to do when you will be administrator?

  • First thing we need to do is stop the fights. We are stressed and upset over things that won't help us. I will be the first to admit that I have strong feelings about some of the things that happened and the people involved, but seeking revenge or continuing harboring anger will not help us grow as a wiki or a community.I have a few idea's of how to get things done should I get approved, but a few need thinking over and others I cannot and will not do unless the community is willing.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia:' What do you think is the best qualities of this wikia ?

  • Despite all the fighting, many of us are still here. Not only that, we still want to grow. I have seen wiki's go to hell, one time with it ending with outside intervention demoting everybody. I have also seen wiki's as they grow start doing thinks without bringing it to the community, saying that it doesn't need to be. While it can be a pain at times, this is a community, and It doesn't matter if every editor on the wiki will let me make whatever changes I want, unless it only effects me I have no reason to not at least inform the community beforehand.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia:  What would you like to improve here? About our community?

  • As I think I have said in the last few questions, we need to stop responding with anger. This is a wiki, not a real life job. We do not risk getting fired or in trouble if something happens, and we all have so much fear, anger, and superstition we don't know who to trust any more. I am not saying I can fix this, but if we can at least find a middle ground where one can be found. We can rebuild some of the bridges burnt.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: How did you discover the wikia?

  • I knew about the wiki before I started editing. Whenever I needed help on a game, the Wiki had everything I would want to know, so long as I was careful enough not to spoil anything that I didn't want to know. I also dabbled in the Wikipedia, but I rarely edited there.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia:' how did you get into editing?

  • I was in college and had the time. Some times I would have time between class' and somehow I ended up deciding that the articles needed to be expanded. I would help here and there, and the Admins would correct me soon after, but as I got the hang of it I started seeing what I could do. I see a question down below where I can get into more detail, but short answer is I had time to kill and a lot of it started here.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: Do you have some advice for anyone who’s interested in becoming an active contributor to the site?

  • Do not take on too many wiki's. I adopted three different wiki's and was promoted on a fourth. Because of me having so many sites, I was unable to give them all what they needed. One of the wiki's I adopted I did very little to it. Wikiawnsers needed more and again I did not do as much as I should have. I am not saying to only work on one wiki, but if you are not careful you will stretch yourself to thin and burn yourself out.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What kind of impact would you like to leave on TES?

  • No matter what happens, I want to leave it better then I found it. I would take on projects that others did not want to do, but we needed them done. Working on a wiki is a continues project, and I myself like to focus on smaller ways to get it done while working with others to get larger projects started.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia Tell us a bit about your time here.

  • Well, to keep it as brief as possible, Once I started editing, I wanted to see how many days I could edit in a row. When I started nobody had 200+ days. I dabbled with the Assassins Creed wiki, but I didn't really feel I fit in there. I didn't really talk with many of the editors there as friends until I became Patroller. We didn't have chat back then, we used the IRC. Once I got promoted they invited me to the IRC. It wasn't just for Admins and Patrolers, I just didn't know what in the world it was. After I started getting confident there I would do small things on other wiki's or just snoop around. I ended up working on a few others full time, adopting a few along the way.

Not long after I got the badge for doing at least one edit every day for a year (While I never missed a day from my first edit, TombRaiser beat me by four months since she started four months before me) I started focusing more on my other wiki's. They did take a lot of my focus, but I always tried to at least patrol a few of the articles to at least be active. But after Spartacus ended and I started seeing problems going on here I think we are caught up to now.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: As a patroller of the wiki, do you have specials duty each days?

  • As a Patroller, my job focused mostly on marking new articles as patrolled and paroling new edits. Although we normally have enough of us to keep up to date on this. We also have the ability to rename articles and preform rollbacks, undo larger amounts of bad edits at once. While we cannot block an editor, we do keep an eye on possible trolls and vandal, and report issues to Admins to handle. If you are an active editor on the wiki, it is doing the same thing as before, but you get some new buttons and a yellow name.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: You are an avid contributor of this wikia. Everyone knows that but, do you focus on a topic ? I mean, do you edit more often edit on Skyrim or Oblivion than Daggerfall or Morrowind ?

  • Depends on my mood, I tend to do one project at a time. Most of my edits I can think of related to Oblivion and the DLC's. I was a huge fan of KOTN and SI and more then a few of those articles remain largely my work. I did some Daggerfall work, but not much. I have done a lot of work for ESO, despite not having the game. This does limit what I can do, but I did what I could.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What is your opinion on the current situation of the wikia ? And as a new admin ? What do you plan to do to solve this awful period?

  • I think we all see that by this point, we can not afford to lose anymore editors. No matter what you thought about the Admins, we lost a lot when they left, and I don't see us being able to ever fully replace them. What we can do is move forward, and make sure that each step is in the right direction. I have no doubt people will still disagree, but with enough work and effort, we can handle most of it.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: Do you think administrators are more important than normal users in some situations?

  • No, but this doesn't mean their roles are not important. Admin's become our face and representatives to other wiki's. To others, an Admin's actions show how we think and do. If we have several "hard case" Admins, people will assume that most of the community at the very least supports it. In some ways I agree with this, despite knowing this is not always true.

An Admin should remember that he is not the king of the wiki, but we cannot ignore that they have a lot of power and influence.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: You are one of our experienced users so, do you have any advice for the new one?

  • Its weird me being one of our veterans, I do not think I will get used to that fact. But I can think of two things, find a few friends to help you, and do not worry about making mistakes.While I encourage speaking with more then two or three people. There is nothing wrong having a few close friends to rely to help you and to talk with.

Being perfect is also not possible. You will make mistakes. I was told every day how to fix my mistakes, and to be honest, I am surprised Tim didn't ban be for copying so much from UESP (he did make me undo it all and Jimeee followed through with that.) You will make mistakes, and at least once you will say its unfair, but once you get past that, editing can be a fun a (more or less) productive hobby.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: If you could change something in the TES, what would it be?

  • Most complaints I have are either small, trivial things, or impossible to get done. I guess I wish we had more involvement from gamer's who can help us in the area's we lack in. So few of us have ESO I went and found a girl with lets play videos who said we could use her video's for images. While I am grateful for this, We never used many of her images. I am sure I could go through her video's and get some of what we need, but if we had a few people who had recordings working here we would have more content. But I guess we would then deal with them wanting to post their video's everywhere so it would be a trade off.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: For those who aren't familiar with your contributions here, describe us a bit about some of the things you do here.

  • I did a lot of work with Knights of the nine and Sivering Isles, most of them have been edited heavily by me at some point. One project I started up was Spell Tomes (Oblivion). Most of the Tomes where added by me. But Tomb helped with the images and Jimee made the article readable, but I enjoy being the one that started it and did most of the work.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What do you think is the importance of the FA or GA in our community ? Do you think it could be improved?

  • Featured articles show the best of the best we have. These are articles full of the lore surrounding Elder scrolls. We did have one point a lot articles marked to be FA where sub-par. So I guess that area could use improvement. Not every article can be featured, but if it is, we need to make sure it is the best of the best.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: Do you have any final thoughts or words of wisdom you’d like to share?

  • I have always said "The real world comes first". This isn't a job where we need to pull a 9 to 5 and be on every day of the year. This drains most people, and we have seen what happens when the wiki becomes a job. If I have any advice it is to relax, and try not to let this kill you.

TES Questions

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: Did you like TESO ?

  • I do not have ESO, can't afford it. I have been hearing it will be F2P soon, but those are only rumors right now. If it is true I will get it and let you know what I think.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia If you lived in Skyrim, where would you live and why?

  • Whiterun. I am sure most people say this, but I hate the cold and it looks the warmest. I would have to join the companions seeing they have some of the only free beds, but I could have worse company.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What is your opinion of the civil war ? Who are you supporting ? the Imperials the a Nords ? (watch your answer because, some users may be against your choice :P )

  • To Talos with what others think!! I am pro empire, but I support the free worship of Talos. The elves are the only winners of the civil war, and while the Empire is weak, both the Empire and Skyrim are weaker without each other.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What is your favorite Guard's dialogue ?

  • "No lollygaggin'." Although its normally followed by "woah, watch yourself" as I run into them..bunch of hypocrites.

Well, Thanks alot for this Interview ! It really was a nice one and, it was a new kind of interview, as you noticed. I would like to have your feedback about this new style of interview, do you like it ? you prefer the old one ? Let me know and, Watch for the next interview, with Miraak Obama !