Hey there ! Welcome to my first interview as a News Team member ! I'm really honored and really glad that peo
ple believed in me. So, i shal continue to do my interviews ! Speaking of interviews, sorry for the delay. I know i know, i was supposed to do the interview yesterday but, i was pretty busy IRL so, i hope you'll like this interview ! Enjoy !

So today, our guest shall be one of the TES Wikia Patroller. He's a great editor and, a really nice person ! You might have seen his yellow name in the RC once, if you still dont know who i'm talking about or, if you didn't read the title of the interview, wich would be quite strange, There he is ! The Rim of the Sky

The Elder Scrolls Wikia What was your first reaction when you discovered you were nominated for the position of Patroller?

Ecstatic and shocked to sum it up, I never thought I'd get here when I first joined.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia Is it hard to be a good Patroller?

In some ways, yes. I've been less active lately as I have some things coming up in real life but I edit whenever I can. I do hope to get back in to editing shortly.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia What do you think is the best quality of this Wiki?

I like the format, it's a lot better than other sites. It's an odd opinion but it's why it's my first choice.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia What would you like to improve here and what would you like to improve about our community?

I'm working to improve our ESO pages. We still have over 8,600 NPC pages left to add. With the missing location, quest and book pages for ESO, we'd have around another 2,500. If I get the time I hope to improve our lore pages.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia How did you discover the wiki?

Google, if I needed walkthroughs or help for Skyrim I just came here. I only got Arena and Daggerfall a couple months after I got the game.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia How did you get into editing?

I worked as an anon contributor in January 2012 before I made an account in April 2012. As an anon I just fixed or added things to pages, but as a registered user the first thing I worked on was adding pages and images for our Arena race articles.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia Do you have some advice for anyone who’s interested in becoming an active contributor to the site?

A constructive edit no matter how small always helps. Improve anywhere you can, and do your best to make this wiki the best it can be.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia What kind of impact would you like to leave on TES?

Becoming a programmer for Bethesda has always been a thought for a future career I might have. I'm working to improve my mods, but for now I'm not really sure, sort of a vague and undecided area.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia Tell us a bit about your time here.

I've spent around 3 years at the TES Wiki. Next month will be my 3rd anniversary but my anon edits don't go unaccounted for. Now, don't think it took me 3 years to get this position, Atvelonis joined in August last year but he's already an administrator. I was fairly active for 2012, but in 2013 I sort of drifted off and didn't edit pages. I mainly just participated in forums, but in mid-2014 I got back into editing. I was nominated for patroller by Ebony at the beginning of 2015.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia As a patroller of the wiki, do you have any special duties each day?

Scout the new pages and I quote, "make sure they are up to snuff". This means I fix any flaws in new pages and mark them as approved to be on the wiki. New pages that don't meet requirements or are generally unneeded I mark for deletion. I also rename any photos which don't have a relevant name. I often go to Wiki Activity and check all the new edits and revert any vandalism or unconstructive changes.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia When you joined, were you afraid of editing?

Not really. When I first joined I got into a bit of trouble, I won't deny it, 3 years back I didn't know how wikis worked. I was conscious of my edits after those incidents and made sure I wasn't breaking any policies. I wasn't afraid, I was just more aware.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia  You are an avid contributor of this wikia. Everyone knows that but, do you focus on a topic? I mean, do you edit more often edit on Skyrim or Oblivion than Daggerfall or Morrowind?

I do a little bit of everything. I'm a member of the guilds Team Daggerfall, Skyrim, and the guildmaster of Team Online.
  • My first edits were for Arena pages, but our friend SeniorDiogo has done a lot more for them than me.
  • I have added a couple of Daggerfall city, artifact, quest and some NPC pages.
  • I've worked on Redguard but my tasks for it aren't finished yet and I haven't played much of Battlespire.
  • I didn't do much work on Morrowind, but I did have a Bloodmoon project for a time and I'm planning on doing a Tribunal project soon.
  • Since our merge with OblivioWiki in the early days and our improvement of Oblivion pages, I don't do much for those articles but I do sometimes work on Shivering Isles pages.
  • I added info for Skyrim in my earlier edits, but we have most of it covered. Is still worked on fixing the Dragonborn pages recently and sometimes add needed images for NPCs.
  • I have a lot of work to do for ESO. So far I have over 250 images of NPCs needed to be cropped and a list of NPC pages needing to be created. I also need to work on ESO locations.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia What are you ideas to improve the wiki?

I think I answered as much as I can about the topic in the last question.

'The Elder Scrolls Wikia 'Do you think administrators are more important than normal users in some situations?

Everyone is equal, nobody is better than anybody else. But, can you run a school without any teachers? Staff are here to improve the wiki and help guide users. Without admins there wouldn't be much order. Admins are essential for every wiki, but not more important.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia If you could change something in the TESWikia, what would it be?

I've been discussing improvements with CCC lately. No wiki is perfect, there are always things needing to be changed, but I don't think I can list them.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia For those who aren’t familiar with your contributions here, describe us a bit about some of the things you do here.

I add as much info for the TES games when I can. I revert vandalism, participate in forum discussions and add/replace images.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia What do you think is the importance of the FA or GA in our community ? Do you think it could be improved?

Featured articles are generally covered for the most part. Good articles are need of a re-haul or update.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia When you first came here, and you first edited, did you know you'll one day get to the point where you are?

I didn't think I could. It was something I aspired to be, TombRaiser was my role model, but it was never a something I thought I could achieve 3 years ago.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia Do you have any final thoughts or words of wisdom you’d like to share?

"Don't do Skooma kids."
The Rim of the Sky[src]

The Elder Scrolls Wikia Did you like TESO?

I didn't expect to like it, but it is a LOT better than I thought it was.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia If you lived in Skyrim, where would you live and why?

Markarth. City is corrupt to the core, but it's a nice cozy place if you don't go investigating the Forsworn.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia Do you think Aela the Huntress is the cutest women in the world of Skyrim?

An odd question, but she's more fierce and brave than cute. I prefer Beleval, probably because I'm a Bosmer, but hey.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia  What is your opinion of the civil war? Who are you supporting? The Imperials or the Nords? (watch your answer because, some users  may be against your choice :P )

I've been a long time Imperial supporter. I mean, yeah, sure, the Empire tried to execute you in the beginning of the story, but that's not a reason why I wouldn't join them. Ulfric Stormcloak let's his personal views get in the way; he's racist against non-Nords unless they join his side. He uses Talos as a cover-up for his personal ambitions of power. I can't fight for something I don't believe in, and I don't believe in Talos either. Talos is real no doubt, but not a god that I would worship or give my life for. The Empire may be under the control of the Third Aldmeri Dominion for now, but I still fight for what they stand for. I can't betray them after 4 games of fighting alongside them can I? If anyone disagrees with me, that's fine, you can discuss it further on my talk page if you feel like it.

The Elder Scrolls Wikia:  Who's your favorite divine in Skyrim?

Meridia. Unlike the Vigilants of Stendarr who purge all creatures they don't think have the right to exist, Meridia has good morals. She's a Daedra, yeah, but she acts more like an Aedra. She's also an ally in ESO and is one of the few good Daedra out there.

Thanks for this interview Rim ! I'm really glad because, i really wanted to make this interview ! So...anyway ! Feel free to support me and the interviews with ideas or, just comments of your appreciation in the comments. It is alway appreciated. And, See ya in 3 weeks for the next interview ! Hope you liked ! Emperor Jarjarkine Aldmeri Dominion The Ragged Flagon - Cistern 02:50, March 23, 2015 (UTC)