Emperor Jarjarkine Then, here i go !

Oh, cool.

Now, first of all, how's it going?

Pretty good. You?

Amazing !Happy to start again the interviews

Yeah, they're interesting.

Emperor Jarjarkine Thx then

Tell us a bit 'bout ya !

How did you discover Wikia ?

Well, I (Like many) needed help on something, so I went to see if Elder Scrolls had a Wikia.

And I decided to stay.

Emperor Jarjarkine

And, when you came was it full of people like now ?

Pretty much. I joined about a year ago.

Emperor Jarjarkine Did you start to do major edits or just minor ?

Well, when I started out, just minor.

Emperor Jarjarkine Were you scared dto do bad edits ?

At first, yeah. I was more or less like "Don't kill me!" but then I got a grip.

Emperor Jarjarkine

Twas' a bit pathetic of me, I know.

Emperor Jarjarkine

Did you ever badge -hunt ?

No way. I didn't even really consider it, because it seemed a little wrong.

Emperor Jarjarkine

What do you like about TES:Wikia? What keeps you coming back?

Well, the community. It's so awesome, I can't help but get on here.

What makes the TES community unique?

I believe the welcoming. New people are directed to the right places and such, and every new person is treated well.

Emperor Jarjarkine yeah

Did you alreayd had to deal with vandalism ?

As a Chat Moderator?

Emperor Jarjarkine yeah

A bit, but generally people on chat are fine.

Emperor Jarjarkine It must be terrible to ban someone right ?

Yeah, kinda. Unless they did something really wrong. Then, the hammer comes down.

Emperor Jarjarkine

What is the negative point of this wiki ?

If any, the fact that some trolls just love to go here. However, they are punished.

What would your top 5 tips for new folks on a wiki be? 

  1. 1. Read the Guideline
  1. Follow the Guidelines
  1. Help out, it's fun to. 4.
  1. Try all the Forum Boards, they're all interesting. .
  1. For the love of Vivec, no Flame Wars, please.


Well, it is looking like the interview ends here ! It was a nice one ! :P See ya  and thx !