The very word is unknown to most TES players, but Amaranth is the most important thing in TES lore. In this blog I will elaborate on it.

I do know some people will think of the seeds , but this has nothing to do with them.

What is Amaranth?

Amaranth is the step after CHIM, CHIM being the state of being that allows for total manipulation of the current universe, but not the creation of a new one. CHIM is achieved by realizing you are part of a dream of a schiznophrenic, and therefore realizing you do not exist, yet still retaining the ability to say 'I am'. Without retaining that ability, you Zero-Sum. Zero-Sum is the act of stopping yourself from existing, literally realizing yourself out of existing. It makes no sense, and it shouldn't.

Back to Amaranth. It is one step after CHIM. It is the act...

Of Escaping the Dream of the Godhead.

The Godhead is the schiznophrenic dreamer. Amaranth is when you 'mantle' him, waking them up and starting a new dream.

According to MK : 

"To the close dreamers, don't forget the Amaranth. There *is* one step beyond CHIM, but you're right in that it is not godhood. It's the flowering of a statehood where the images you give birth to in your dream-- stolen (?) from first dreamer-- wakes up. Wails knowing free will. And begins to dream in the same way. Children of liberty without end, and then the music lives forever as a pirate radio tuned against the rules of Heaven and the vulgarities of Hell."

How do You Achieve it?

Nobody knows.

All that we know is that you must first achieve CHIM.

Who -or What- Achieved it?

In Hunt the Amaranth X it is revealed that Michael Kirkbride posted in a previous thread showing that somebody -or something- achieved Amaranth. He corrects somebodies statement.

No one has achieved Amaranth yet.*

(Toesock, sorry you took offense at the description of the demise of Barfok.)

*Except for the one being or idea that no one has found yet, which is still just sitting there.

But still, nobody knows who or what achieved the ultimate state of escaping the Dream and becoming the New Dreamer.

Source: The Loveletter From the Fifth Era

"'I AM.

A whole World of You.


God outside of all else but his own free consciousness, hallucinating for eternity and falling into love: I AM AND I ARE ALL WE.

C0DA Digitals have confirmed that a subject in sensory deprivation begins to hallucinate after only twenty minutes. Scale unto this along the magical spectrum and maintenance of time, which is forever, and you begin to see the Lunar God’s failure as Greatest Gift. As above, “This is the love of God.”

Why Love?

Know Love to avoid the Landfall, my brothers and sisters of the past.

The New Man becomes God becomes Amaranth, everlasting hypnogogic. Hallucinations become lucid under His eye and therefore, like all parents of their children, the Amaranth cherishes and adores all that is come from Him.


God is Love.


God is Love.


God is Love."'

'Lunar God' is Lorkhan, as Masser and Secunda, the moons, are his sundered halves. His 'failure' is his failure at achieving CHIM by creating Mundus. The 'Greatest Gift' is, as said by Vivec, "He failed so that we may know how not to."

The 'New Man' refers to mortals or Talos. Which, I don't really know. 'God' means 'CHIM'. 

'I ARE ALL WE' refers to the fact all things within the dream are one with the Godhead.

'COME TO THE HOUSE OF WE' means something along the lines of 'Achieve CHIM and Realize'.

'ONE WORLD IN SPIRIT I AM' refers to the fact all are one.

'God is Love' is a hint of sorts. Tiber Septim gained CHIM through Love, perhaps that is how one gains Amaranth?


It turns out that it was Anu who achieved Amaranth, as revealed by MK or somebody in a link SajuukKhar provided. Big props to him/her for being the most knowledgeable about Lore on this wiki.