You may have read my blog about the Civil Flame War. "How does this tie in?" You ask. 

Whoever wins the war will have a vast effect on Tamriel's fate in the future. The Stormcloaks or the Imperials. But, as usual, there is both a trap card and a wild card.

The Trap Card

If you don't know, this is the Thalmor. Activate them, and you have the might of Summerset, Valenwood and Elsweyr against you, both militarily and politically. A force to be reckoned with. Some say they are broken and weak. I disagree. Perhaps a quote from Wuunferth the Unliving will help you, a Stormcloak supporter as he is.

"Strength and steel are well and good, but magic is the true power in this world."

The truth is rather overwhelming. The Thalmor are prepared for any type of attack, even the wild card couldn't stand against them.

The Wild Card

The Dragonborn, as he is known. He could join either side, he has freedom from destiny itself. The Dragonborn may be powerful, but there is always someone bigger than you in the world.

The Dragonborn isn't immortal, or invincible or anything like that. He's just some guy who can shout. A big deal, right?

Only to those weaker than him.

Fate & Destiny

Fate and Destiny are not the same, contrary to popular belief. Your fate is how you will die, whereas your destiny is what you will do in life or death, perhaps even undeath.

The Dragonborn is free from destiny and fate, as he has a power not many can match.

The power of choice.

'Tis far more powerful then you think. A free will is above the stone wall of fate, and the fog of destiny. Consider this.

"A man sentenced to death is proposed the following choice "In order to choose your death. You will say a sentence. If this sentence is true you will be electrocuted. If it is false you will be poisoned." The man smiles, and says his sentence. He is still alive and will never be killed... What did he say?"

The important part is he had a choice, a true choice.

Stormcloak Outcome : My Theory

My theory of a Stormcloak outcome goes like this : 

"Ulfric won the war and made an alliance with Hammerfell and High Rock. After conquering most of Tamriel and burning Black Marsh, Elsweyr's forests, Valenwood and every single forest that ever existed, he attempted to go to Summerset. Because he burned all the wood, he couldn't make boats, and all of his remaining pre-war boats were burned by mages.  The Thalmor Leader sat on Summerset on a deck chair, looking at Ulfric with a troll face. Later, an arcane purge was performed on Tamriel, killing all humans and enemies of the Thalmor."

Something like that.

Imperial Outcome : My Theory

It goes like this : 

"So General Tullius won le Civil War and High Rock, Cyrodill and Skyrim launched an attack on Elsweyr, which sadly failed. The Argonians offered a pact, they would attack Elsweyr if they were allowed to have the province. The Imperials agreed. The Argonians conquered and settled Elsweyr, but sadly the ones who lived there died of bad suburn and sunstroke. Hammerfell decided to join the Empire, and they attacked Valenwood. Sadly, most of the forces died and a Ent/Treant (They exist now) decided to call his friends so they could conquer Tamriel. They got burned. The Empire invented a bomb which blew up the White-Gold Tower, leaving the Imperial City in ruins. The Thalmor sailed from Dragonsto- I mean Summerset, and took over Tamriel."

An Overall Synopsis?

My synopsis can be viewed here.


I would like to thank Draeven13 and Zippertrain85 for their input on my previous blog.