The Civil Flame War, as you should all know, is the flame war on this wiki between which side, Stormcloaks or Imperials, is better. I personally think this is folly, but we'll get to that later.

The Stormcloaks obviously started the war, anyone who argues this is just not looking hard enough.

The Imperials betrayed Talos, who is not a great god at all. He was a completly greedy, power hungry man who lived only to fufill his own goals. The God of War. Wait wut, is that you Ares/Mars? No, Ares/Mars, he is not real.

Stormcloaks Vs Imperials. Some might see it as Racists Vs Religious Betrayers. Others, like myself, see it as Stupid Vs Stupid. Onto our first faction, the newly formed Stormcloaks.


Some might see these people as freedom fighters. Others see them as racists. Others as religious zealots. I personally hate Ulfric, he is quite obviously power hungry and racist. 

And they fail to see the true threat by attacking the Imperials.

The cause itself is not half bad, but the worst thing about them is the reason the war started.


What a stupid, pointless, utterly idiotic thing to start a war over! Grow up, Ulfric. Same goes to your lackys.


Also known as the Legion, the organized, well disciplined main military force of Tamriel. No better than the Stormcloaks. No worse either. Tullius, in my mind, is the exact opposite of Ulfric. But, let's ignore that.

While failing to attack the true enemy by also attacking the Stormcloaks, who a truce could have been brokered with.

The Thalmor defeated the Empire in the Great War, accept that much. Titus Mede rejected the original WGC which was offered at the start of the Great War, choosing to fight. Only when defeated did the great man finally give in.

The Imperials don't even attempt to broker a truce till the Dragonborn comes along. Some diplomats.

My Personal Side and Opinion

I am part of the Neutral Cause, otherwise known as the Brotherhood of Smart People Who Actually Want to Attack the Dominion.

I believe that this war is folly, and both sides should be ashamed of themselves. Starting a war over religion and not attempting to broker a truce? Both sides need to grow up and realise something. The more they fight, the weaker they grow and the stronger the Thalmor foothold grows.

In all fairness, I would prefer if no war was involved with Tamriel. I am a peaceful person, and most people should accept that violence only leads to more violence. It doesn't solve anything. Peace can solve anything related to violence, provided the means and such are available.

Napoleon Bonaparte is a well known man, and here is a phrase from him.

"There are two powers in this world, the sword and the mind. In the long run, the mind always wins."

Another quote from a woman whose name I cannot remember,

"I dream of the day when I will have a child who will ask, "'Mummy, what was war?"

Grow up, both sides. Realise that violence solves nothing.

What Should Be Done About This Flame War

Both sides need to grow up and come to an agreement. Countless pointless blogs and talk pages have been created about this stupid, stupid war.

Grow up, please.


I believe that both sides are stupid.

"It's like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter how smart you are, the pigeon will always knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it's victorious."

That is how it feels like telling you people to grow up and stop gabbing about "Oh, this side is better," and "No, this side is."

Maturity is often referenced in these flame battles by both sides. The ironic thing is, nobody from either side is mature enough to realise that they are wasting their own time and other peoples time.