ESO developer Zenimax Online, has once again released an informative video, this time detailing character progression. Lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle provide's commentary, describing how the system is arranged in a very traditional TES manner where leveling up through questing or finding skyshards awards 2 points, one to spend on a pool of resources (Health, Magicka, Stamina) called attribute points, and a skill point, which is how a player can further define a character by picking how their skills evolve over the course of the game. Watch the video, and don't forget to check the official news page to keep up to date on developer Q&A as well as the latest Tamriel Chronicle. Enjoy!

Character Progression Be Who You Want to Be04:51

Character Progression Be Who You Want to Be

UPDATE: Zenimax Online has released a new article further describing the motivations behind why the team decided to go with a class based system, as well as the concept behind skill "morphing". Read it here.

UPDATE: Zenimax has also released an episode of "Ask us Anything" specifically for questions about skill progression which may help players to better understand how the system works, it can be read here.