I'm just going to make my point short and sweet, I realize that I'm am not an admin or moderator and have no real control of this wiki's policies. 

I am simply suggesting for a one month testing period that we give this a try and force anons or would be anons to make an account in order to perform edits. At this point this wiki has a fairly large and reliable base of editors, and reducing the amount of anonymous traffic can help to reduce article vandalism and just overall nonsense. I am aware that we have a few rollbackers and patollers to combat vandalism but I really think having this restriction in place can make everyone's job easier and more enjoyable, reduce the amount of trolls comming in, and possibly, although correct me if I'm wrong, make range blocks less necessary as an individual account can be blocked rather than a group of IP addresses. and its not as if anon's cant view the articles, they just cannot perform any kind of editing. I'd just like to hear some For or Against arguements, just type Voting-support Support – or Voting-oppose Oppose – and your reasoning.

Equillibrium (talk) 11:52, August 8, 2013 (UTC)Equilllibrium