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  • EricBloodaxe

    Hey guys. Eric Bloodaxe here (or Eric Snowmane). I am going to begin creating a Let's Play for Oblivion, similar to Veriax's fighter roleplay, and Squee913's stealth roleplay, only I will be a magic based character. I have a few basic ideas for my goals, and I have a few cool mods, but I want some ideas for it.

    Backstory: Athellor, an Altmer from the Summerset Isles, escapes to Cyrodiil after upsetting the local Altmer with his necromancy in their tombs and the theft of some valuable magical artifacts from a famed wizard. After weeks of hiding out in the wilderness, he receives a note that a relative of his has passed and left him a magical tower in the Jerall Mountains.

    The goals of my LP are as follows:

    1. Acquire Frostcrag Spire and purcha…

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