Hey guys. Eric Bloodaxe here (or Eric Snowmane). I am going to begin creating a Let's Play for Oblivion, similar to Veriax's fighter roleplay, and Squee913's stealth roleplay, only I will be a magic based character. I have a few basic ideas for my goals, and I have a few cool mods, but I want some ideas for it.

Backstory: Athellor, an Altmer from the Summerset Isles, escapes to Cyrodiil after upsetting the local Altmer with his necromancy in their tombs and the theft of some valuable magical artifacts from a famed wizard. After weeks of hiding out in the wilderness, he receives a note that a relative of his has passed and left him a magical tower in the Jerall Mountains.

The goals of my LP are as follows:

1. Acquire Frostcrag Spire and purchase everything for it.

2. Mages Guild as a small priority

3. Main Quest, a very small priority (May not even do it)

4. Explore a large number of Ayleid ruins (Athellor is fasinated with them.)

5. Whatever else I come across that would make for a good roleplay


Knights of the Nine

The Orrery

Frostcrag Spire

Midas Magic

Real Sleep

Capes and Cloaks

Blood Magic

Shivering Isles (Not being used)

Alternative Start


Bob's Armory

Several other small miscellaneous mods

NOTE: I am not using Deadly Reflexes, Unique Landscapes, or Better Cities. But that is simply because I believe they are over the top and not necessary to a Roleplay.

So, my question is: Can anyone recommend a good mod for me to use?