Following is BULLSH*T, as the title would imply, now I've been doing sh*t like this for a while now and I still have no idea how to do a f*cking poll so F*CK IT! All following does for people is spam their email, or at least for normal people like me who use their f*cking email for something other than Wikia, oh and yes I did just find out it's not Wika a few days ago, so STOP TROLLING! I say we, the people of the internet B*TCH AND COMPLAIN (which I do realize are the same thing) untill the bullsh*ters who run this site add a button that turns following on and off. And if there already is something like that please tell me before I do another e-rant, and yes, that's what this is called. Now I'm running out of steam and have too many emails from the Fallout Wikia, because I edit there too much and don't have time to delete the follows.

Erty358 (talk) 15:47, October 14, 2012 (UTC) out!