I dunno if you speak dragon, but that is what they would say if they read this rant, which i will be doing a lot of. I'm a tad giddy, I haven't done many things like this before, but I should tell you a few things first, and you can veiw these things on my talk page but I do want to say that this sorta thing will occur regularly, depending on my current condition of internet access (which I might not have for a FUK load of reasons. Also I do beleive in censorship, the kind where you bleep out words, so all words that I deem inapropiate will be in dragon tounge! I am posting a link right here! FUK, I missed it! But these will not be everyday or on any pattern, so don't expect much. Also I will respond direct comments, but alas, I will not actually address comments on my blog, or anything too long. I also won't respond to dragon tounge! I CAN'T FUKING READ IT! Goodbye and may... wait one second, why does the slideshow button look like something from New Vegas!