Welcome to my first blog post. For a long time I have noticed my tendency to make over-long comments on the boards, so to solve that issue and save everyone frustration, here I am. As I learn my way around the wiki, I hope to add fun things like screenshots and maybe even video, but for now, it's just you and me, hopefully sharing a chuckle or two. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Happy adventures, fellow Dovahkiin!

First, a bit about me. I am a strawberry blonde true female Breton with fine features, enough so that I am sometimes mistaken for Imperial, though I am assuredly NOT. That face carver did a nice job...well worth the money. I am somewhat petite but don't let that fool you. I play in violet mage style--a combination of red, blue and white mage with a little Paladin thrown in too--more likely to use my weapons than my spells, though both are lethal, and I enjoy summoning...I'm sorry, conjuring, immensely.

While more spiritual than religious by nature I am a strong Nord sympathizer. The only thing keeping me from following the Stormcloaks at this time is a desire to see the game unfold and gain strength and knowledge so that when I do decide, I make a decision based on reason, not emotion. I have read every book in the game as it's been offered, including all those I can reach at every library I've encountered in my travels. Some books are...a bit harder to read than others. *cough*

I've tried being a vampire and hated it, but have not ruled out trying again and am currently trying out Beastform, which is more acceptable to me, as I don't lose natural looking daylight. I like that it protects me from the frequent diseases I seemed to pick up from vampire fights. It's also a wonderful way to quickly travel over land to places I have yet to discover or to get away from fights I cannot win, though as I've passed level 40 now that is less of an issue. I haven't leveled my 'Werewolf' much though, because I don't like killing humans (except Imperial nobles, guards of captured Nords, and of course bandits). I am also afraid of harming my constant companion, Vorstag, but something I learned ***spoiler alert for the rest of this paragraph for anyone who has not done Dragonborn*** in a black book should take care of that, though I have not had a chance to test it.

So, that's me, in short...or as much as I can tell without more spoilers.

For the longest time my husband, Vilkas, was just fine with my frequent adventuring with paid sell-swords (most often one by the name of Vorstag, with whom many of the ladies and some of the gents in the game are more than casually acquainted). In fact I joked that we are actually a marriage of three consenting adults. Obviously the relationships are strictly platonic, as the game allows no choice in that matter, so where's the harm? It was a perfect arrangement, I thought, for all parties involved.

Suddenly out of the blue while on a "mapless" Dragonborn quest with afore mentioned sell-sword Vorstag (did I mention he's handsome?) in the Markarth region a navigation arrow showed up on my screen so I thought great, I must be getting close to where I need to be for the quest. Oh how wrong I was; what I was getting close to was deadly ambush by husband. (That arrow should have been red...and blinking).

Vorstag and I turned a corner and came face to face with an enraged Vilkas, with his ever-present sidekick Ria in tow of course. Rather than having an "Oh! It's good to see you love," moment as has always been the case in the past, he immediately launched into a furious barrage of blows aimed and both Vorstag and me -- using the quest items I gave him as a wedding gift! As if that weren't bad enough, both he and the ever inane and insipid Ria were unkillable! When Vilkas would finally have the sense to shout, "we're routed, fall back!" stupid Ria would doggedly, and I mean that, return to the fight, so there was just no ending it, no chance to flee, no chance to talk, no options to do anything but fight and heal or die.

Incredibly, to add one last dash of 'you've got to be kidding me' ...after this has been going on for hours in game time, and after I'd been repeatedly coming within heartbeats of death, thinking that might bring him to his senses, trying in vain to get between everyone with my weapons undrawn in an effort to get either of them to just talk for a moment, Vilkas finally speaks. He says in a tragically wounded voice, "So this is it, it's over then?" I very nearly did find a way to kill him then. I used my Thu'um and wailed on him with my strongest weapons for a good long time, and must admit it felt pretty good to double wield on his double crossing ...backside with Stalhrim weapons and my best staves. Seeing him paralyzed, frozen solid, shocked, burning, and cowering in a corner of rock all at once made my impending death much easier to handle, because I had come to realize that was the only acceptable end to the situation. I was NOT going to give him the satisfaction of killing Vorstag. He would have to kill me, and so I dropped my arms to my sides and he husband killed me. And it actually made me cry.

(Yes, I do immerse myself into this game far too deeply).

What surprises me is that throughout the whole ugly affair neither he whose name I shall no longer speak (today) nor Ria crossed over to Beastmode. Honestly, the whole episode was just...buggy, which is why I have no compunctions about my planned fix for the situation.

In the moment I had no choice but to continue healing Vorstag to keep him alive and abuse my abilities as Dovahkiin to prevent a massacre. I did everything short of console commands (which up to now I refuse to use in battle...but never say never) and saw no other out but to finally just let him kill me to end it, hoping that might at least bring about a much needed D-I-V-O-R-C-E ! I have a feeling it didn't work that way, but I threw away my ring anyway...not that it served any purpose but to make me feel better for a second.

Thank goodness for The Elder Scrolls Wiki and the Console Commands, because as I said, this is clearly buggy behavior, and I plan to DE-bug it pronto! I refuse to stay married to a brooding bipolar psychopath! (Oh, sorry, those labels are outmoded. DSM5 refers to that is some kind of borderline personality disorder now--we wouldn't want to offend conscienceless murderers). *eye roll*

I kind of like being single, and with my blood I don't get the bonus from sleeping with someone anyway unless it's another 'were' and I've done a special quest, which I haven't because I'd have to do it with Aela and she also drives me up a wall. I do not agree with killing animals for pleasure, and it'll be a warm day in Windhelm before I marry another Werewolf!

I'll try to end each piece I write with a bit of advice (not that I have any business doing so, but since I make so many mistakes, I figure I might as well share what little wisdom I learn along the way).

Today's advice to you is this: think long and hard before marrying essential players. They have ego issues and their behavior is buggy. They also have major double standards! It was just fine for Vilkas to drag Ria everywhere he went 24/7, but I do a little adventuring with Vorstag and it's a death sentence...

Men... *wink*

Faedinout (talk) 23:34, July 6, 2013 (UTC)

ps... I realize this all happened because I probably have a high Riften bounty for helping a Nord prisoner escape and killing Imperial guards and Nobles, but HUSBAND. Seriously Bethesda...