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  • I live in Houston Texas
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Actress, singer.
  • I am Female
  • Faith4Disney

    As I woke up and got to my feet, I saw Lydia staring at me. I guess she wasn't Fighting the dragon like I thought. I went back outside to see if the gaurds Killed it, but I didn't see any gaurds around... And there wasn't any sign of a Dragon... Maybe it was all in my head? I didn't have time to think about it, Because a guy came up to me asked for a gold coin. I gave him one and he said He was available for marriage... But I didn't say anything about it. I could Marry him, but I didn't know if he had a place to stay. So I went back to the Inn and I saw some man who I could hire as a follower. But for 500 gold coins! I was gonna come back later.

    Next, I went to Markarth and the Jarl said I could Search the ashes of a burned

    down house. I f…

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  • Faith4Disney

    Okay, brand new day! First of all, I went back to Riften to go to the Bee And Barb and I saw the man I needed to see, he was "rudely talking" to some People and... I wasn't listening. It was a new place that I've never been to So I had to explore! Afterwards, I talked to him and he had the Amulet that I needed for 200 gold coins. But I decided to wait until I get this mission Done.

    So I went ahead to the women's parents, and it turns out that the mother

    Just wanted her daughter to be happy, it was her father who caused the problems! But it was all good because I told them to sneak away to Riften. Then, I talked To this man who wanted to impress a women he had a HUGE crush on. I talked To the women's handsome friend who was great at writing…

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  • Faith4Disney

    Um... What do I do? Do I just start writing? Oh, okay! Well, it has been A while since I found out I am Dragonborn, and I've been busy since! But yesterday I turned into a vampire by well... A vampire disease... So now I am one! I hope It doesn't get in the way of my personal life! I've been trying to find the Perfect man to marry so I can live in a house and not the road. I always dreamed Of true love.... And this sweetest little girl came up to me and asked for a Gold coin. I gave her one and she said something about her mother who died and She wanted me to adopt her but I don't have a place to stay so she couldn't Come with me. So I made a promise to get a house and come back to adopt her As soon as possible. And I don't have enough m…

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