• FalloutNVPRSN12

    I have something to ask Whos game sounds like mine ?

    Missing scenery: this was first noticed in several dungeons, where individual parts had not been rendered and I could walk straight into the sky box, but later on, it also happened in exterior cells (missing objects and entire buildings at Falkreath and Riverwood). After about 320 hours of real-time play, the game was finally in an essentially unplayable condition, and on several occasions, all that was present in an interior I had just walked into were the sky box, a few floating objects and NPCs falling into infinity. Upon reloading, the scenery was properly rendered, activators did not work (i.e. traps not triggering, levers not working, doors not opening, etc.)

    Repeatable crashes: when…

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  • FalloutNVPRSN12

    What about us ( sorry for mistake first post ) Its a good thing that 1.4 came out to help some of our problems but it seems even with the game installed and 1.4 on my game still freezes often.

    I would like some help on my freezing problem but i just wont stop.

    here are some important details.

    i have 370+ hrs, 22megs of info on my profile, 250+ saves( save overs , and im lvl 66

    My xbox brethren speak and shout your problems so bethesda may hear and help in our time of need. Please if you have fix tips name them now.

    ( Shout: Beth,es,da )

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