I have something to ask Whos game sounds like mine ?

Missing scenery: this was first noticed in several dungeons, where individual parts had not been rendered and I could walk straight into the sky box, but later on, it also happened in exterior cells (missing objects and entire buildings at Falkreath and Riverwood). After about 320 hours of real-time play, the game was finally in an essentially unplayable condition, and on several occasions, all that was present in an interior I had just walked into were the sky box, a few floating objects and NPCs falling into infinity. Upon reloading, the scenery was properly rendered, activators did not work (i.e. traps not triggering, levers not working, doors not opening, etc.)

Repeatable crashes: when trying to enter certain interior cells: when first occurring, this problem could still be resolved by traveling into another part of the game world and coming back after several in-game days, but later on, those interiors remained COMPLETELY inaccessible.

Repeatable crashes in exteriors: supposedly when trying to move from one cell into another. This first happened in areas of the game world, where I had been busily playing over an extended period of time (for me, this were the areas around falkreath and Whiterun, etc.), but later on, it affected more of the whole game world and the few areas in which the game did not immediately crash were slowing down

please fix this because your Xbox 360 version now and has had "Long Term Play Issues" like the Ps3 fix this please. I plea to you don't abandon us

try to add the fix in patch 1.5 so i can enjoy this game again.