aka Krista

  • I live in Finland
  • I was born on August 3
  • My occupation is Housekeeper
  • I am a Khajiit
  • Felinym

    I've got two cats myself. When I started to play Skyrim, I had only my precious tortoiseshell princess: Suhveli. She was inspiration of my choice - playing with Khajiit character. Since, I've been wondering what do they have in common with each other. I know that there is a wiki text containing notices about similarity between real cats and Khajiits, but well - this is my point of view!

    I have been blessed with another cat, black & white kitten Adolf. (Look at his face, that's why that name ;) ) Two cats have given me amazing possibility to peek into the world of cat communication. Interracting with each other, they use specific tone of voice and large variety of different gestures. One swing of tail can tell more than a bunch of words, I t…

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