I've got two cats myself. When I started to play Skyrim, I had only my precious tortoiseshell princess: Suhveli. She was inspiration of my choice - playing with Khajiit character. Since, I've been wondering what do they have in common with each other. I know that there is a wiki text containing notices about similarity between real cats and Khajiits, but well - this is my point of view!

I have been blessed with another cat, black & white kitten Adolf. (Look at his face, that's why that name ;) ) Two cats have given me amazing possibility to peek into the world of cat communication. Interracting with each other, they use specific tone of voice and large variety of different gestures. One swing of tail can tell more than a bunch of words, I think it's quite a story to be told, so let's get going, shall we?


SAM 0242


SAM 0658


Khajiits have very similar looks than real cats, same shape of eyes, nose, jaw and ears. Different is, that you can choose to your character various hairstyles and jewelry on ears.

Khajiits don't seem to have whiskers on their forehead, real one has.

Khajiits have limited patterns, but multiple colours to choose. Real life cats can have many different patterns and also many coloured fur. Some Khajiits have fur extensions on their eartips, but real domestic cat doesn't have them, althought there are exceptions.

Khajiits walk standing up, real one's do that if you're really lucky to have so talented cat :D

Properties of behaviour

Khajiits are also kept as second class citizens, cheaters and liars. I think cats are also underestimated and underrated. Well, homecats may cheat you to think they want a bellyscratch and then attack you because of it. Lies, I don't think so, but how can you tell? Mystical animal.

Negative namecalling

Khajiits are called as: cats, rugs and carpets. Cats are called..? You tell me ;)

I call them sometimes like this when I get angry (when they are rummaging at the table or ripping something important):

  • You monster!
  • You .. mitten!
  • You poo head!
  • Yuck!! Bad kitten!
  • Naughty being!
  • You little ... !!

Mostly, they act nice.

Dialogue compared to behaviour

Khajiit talk

  1. "A peaceful greeting to you."
  2. "Welcome to you."
  3. "Fortune smiles upon this meeting."
  4. "Blessings of the moons upon you, traveller."
  5. "The warm sand of Elsweyr is far away from here."
  6. "The roads of Skyrim lead to many dangers."
  7. "We are creatures of the Desert. The North Wind chills us to the bone."
  8. "The longer we travel the roads of Skyrim, the more empty this land seems."
  9. Males - "These sands are cold, but Khajiit feels warmness from your presence."
  10. Females - "Speak. Khajiit will listen until all the sugars of the world turn sour."
  11. "Louder than the roar of the Mane that is!"
  12. "S'rendarr's Mercy!"
  13. "May your road lead you to warm sands."
  14. "Until our next meeting, if such is fated."
  15. "May the sun keep you warm, even in this land of bitter cold."
  16. "I hope you will find a warmer welcome in your travels than we have found in ours."
  17. "The roads of Skyrim are treacherous. If you must walk them, be wary."
  18. "If you provoke me, I will be forced to unsheathe my claws."

Homecat behaviour

  1. Cat lifts his/her head a bit and gives a quick purr.
  2. Cat comes to you and pushes your legs gently (marking you up)
  3. Cat has bright eyes, is calm and looks like she/he is smiling.
  4. You're leaving and she/he looks you throught window, blessing your journey.
  5. Cat thinking Egypt and sunshine, sleeping but beeing alert
  6. Roads of world lead you to many dangers - cat doesn't want to be in a car while you're driving
  7. Cats love warm places, they come to sauna with you and choose the most warmest place on the bathroom floor, and they always pick a spot where sun is shining.
  8. Longer you have the cat, lesser she/he has things to explore.
  9. When cat doesn't feel confidence of environment, she/he can always trust your safe presence.
  10. Cats "listen" and don't talk back, no matter how long you'll talk to them.
  11. Cat gets big eyes, turns her/his ears back and puffens up her/his tail when hearing something loud and sudden.
  12. Same as above, but with quick sprinting away!
  13. You are leaving and cat comes and pushes yours legs gently and look up on you.
  14. Cat looks serious.
  15. Cat lays down, setting her/himself like a roll, looking up to you.
  16. Cat comes to your lap, when you're not going to take her/him on it. (do as you wish the others to do for you)
  17. Cat is looking nervous when you are leaving somewhere anxiously minded.
  18. Cat gives you similar warning with her/his gestures: swinging tail, lowering ears and biggening eyes.

Final words

Thank you for your interest! Please do post a command and questions! Let us love the cats - and Khajiits - as they are.