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  • Flightmare

    At Nintendo's event unveiling their new console, Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, officially announced the Nintendo Switch port of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The day after, Nintendo revealed it will be available this fall.

    The Switch is Nintendo's upcoming gaming tablet, effectively filling the role of both console and handheld. This means The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be the first game of the main series to make it to a portable platform in its full glory, outside of The Elder Scrolls Travels series. The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd.

    • Nintendo of America on Twitter
    • Skyrim on Nintendo Switch on
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  • Flightmare

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends has now entered open Beta phase. This means that you no longer have to sign up and wait for an invitation to play the game. You can now download the Bethesda Launcher, create an account if you hadn't already and head straight into the game!

    While you're at it. Make sure to upload any new information you discover to the wiki. We can use every bit of help! If you come across any card that isn't on documented here, we encourage you to do so yourselves. Make sure to use the already existent card articles as example pages (read: copy and paste them and fill in the blanks).

    Read the full update here.

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  • Flightmare

    The Elder Scrolls Wiki has been providing forums for quite some time. This old system proved very difficult to use for the average user and (even in our eyes) is quite an abomination. Blogs show how alive our great community really is, but blogs have their limitations as they are quite hard to navigate.

    Wikia has recently launched a testing version of the upcoming forum feature. We decided to implement this feature early so you all can benefit from it right away!

    The new forum can be found at Special:Forum, or at the new shortcut in the black navigation bar. It uses the new bubbles-icon found in the top-right corner (also known as the notification center), which houses updates on any threads you follow. Some of the features you missed out in …

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  • Flightmare

    As you may have noticed by now (or not, if you only lurk Special:Recentchanges): The Elder Scrolls Wiki features a brand new main page! (In case nothing has changed for you, try clearing your cache with CTRL+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+R)

    With the constant evolution of Wikia and her community, times are changing and community is becoming a bigger part of it every day. To support this growth, the TESWiki team presents you an all new main page that provides a bigger focus on dynamic content and community relations.

    From now on there will be more frequent updates to the main page with multiple Featured Articles and news updates. We are pretty sure that the upcoming release of Dawnguard and The Elder Scrolls Online will provide plenty of news updates for th…

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  • Flightmare

    DragonScript is a template designed for translating the Dovah language from the latin alphabet to dragon script. It is designed for inline use. You can see it in action on the shout specific pages like Whirlwind Sprint.

    The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. For concatenation, the templates should be placed on the same line, thus without line breaks. Words can be either upper-case, lower-case or mixed. No non-breaking space (NBSP) characters should be used within words. Instead, use _ (underscore) when a NBSP is required.

    Will result in:
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