All right, I'm right now unavailable to access and play Oblivion due to a heavy school workload, but I'm going to start this blog in hopes of having a presence here and doing something with all the info I've got.

Oblivion gameplay Log:

I own the Imperial City house with all of its upgrades, and the Bruma house with a single storage upgrade. I have about 10000 gold on my person, and my weapon of choice is an Akiviri Katana, unenchanted, along with a silver bow for ranged. I am currently level 11. Going to be here for some time, because I like where I'm at right now, and I will be trying to get as much loot as possible, as well as exploring as much as possible with my current stats. I just got started on the Main Quest, and got Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple. I'll keep looting and exploring dungeons for now. I also need to begin selling the huge store of items that I have in my house from all the previous excursions. That's about it.

Wiki Log:

I'm trying to get as many random enchanted items documented as possible, as I am at the perfect level to find all kinds of enchanted items, usually at least 2 from each dungeon. I will attempt to have these pages organized as well as possible, along with having them standardized. Lastly, I will also add all of the 'clutter' items, like Doeskin Shoes, to the wiki.

That's about it for this blog, thanks for reading!