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    October 5, 2015 by FromanSK

    This is a page for my own personal Skyrim character and intended for my own personal use. Feel free to read it if you wish, but please don't complain about any inaccuracies to lore. This was never intended to be lore friendly or canon; in fact, as the story progresses you will find that it becomes more and more lore unfriendly.

    Garrel (no surname, pronounced GARE-UHL) is a Bosmer thief and assassin and member of the guilds respective to both talents (namely the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood chapters of Skyrim). Born in the city of Riften in 4E184, 17 years prior to the Dragon Crisis , Garrel was given up by his parents, both Bosmer Rangers, after their clan had been targeted by the Aldmeri Dominion. For his safety, Garrel was placed in…

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