This is a page for my own personal Skyrim character and intended for my own personal use. Feel free to read it if you wish, but please don't complain about any inaccuracies to lore. This was never intended to be lore friendly or canon; in fact, as the story progresses you will find that it becomes more and more lore unfriendly.

Garrel (no surname, pronounced GARE-UHL) is a Bosmer thief and assassin and member of the guilds respective to both talents (namely the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood chapters of Skyrim). Born in the city of Riften in 4E184, 17 years prior to the Dragon Crisis , Garrel was given up by his parents, both Bosmer Rangers, after their clan had been targeted by the Aldmeri Dominion. For his safety, Garrel was placed in Riften's Honorhall Orphanage under the care of the cruel, sadistic and unpleasant Grelod the Kind . After coming of age in 4E200, Garrel set out on his own path of violence and destruction.

In 4E201, Garrel was captured by Imperial Forces for smuggling skooma across Skyrim's border from Cyrodiil , one of his many illicit jobs. After escaping execution in Helgen thanks to the events of the Helgen Crisis on 17 Last Seed 4E201, Garrel was free once more to continue pursuing his criminal activities. Shortly afterward, he was accepted into the Thieves Guild in Riften and, after a mixup following his brutal murder of Grelod the Kind, the Dark Brotherhood as well. 

Early Life

Raised in Riften's infamous Honorhall Orphange, Garrel had no parents that he knew of. In truth, he was the child of two Bosmer Rangers whose clan was endangered by the Thalmor , and was sent to the orphanage for his own safety when he was a mere infant. Due to Grelod's oversight, Garrel had a miserable childhood where he was frequently abused both verbally and physically. Only due to Constance Michel's kindness did he learn to read and write (in secrecy, of course), and was generally a highly intelligent child compared to many of the other children. He had numerous fantasies of brutally murdering Grelod in a number of different ways as a child but never had the means to act on them. This turned him into a cruel child with a thirst for blood and violence from a young age. He read numerous books about tales of chivalric warriors, rich noblemen and powerful kings when Constance could sneak them into the orphange for him, which made him fascinated with wealth and power. He spent many a night dreaming about becoming a master thief or assassin and making a fortune, as well as amassing the influence to bend other peoples' will. Grelod continually reminded him that he was nothing, and would always amount to nothing, which only furthered his rage.

Criminal Beginnings

After many escape attempts and would-be adoptive parents, Garrel finally became of age and was permitted to leave the Orphanage. He finally was able to live out his fantasies, though they didn't turn out as well as expected. He found little luck as a thief and even less as an assassin. Over time, he did become rather skilled with a bow and quite sneaky as well. Things went especially sour on one job in particular, however, when he was hired to smuggle some skooma to Skyrim from a contact in the Imperial City underworld. He was caught in an Imperial ambush intended for Ulfric Stormcloak and his personal guard during the Battle of Darkwater Crossing and sent to Helgen for execution.

After being transported to the village of Helgen, Garrel was second in line to have his head removed. Before the executioner could lower his axe, however, the village was attacked by a dragon . With the assistance of Ralof , a Stormcloak warrior also captured by the Imperials , Garrel managed to escape the burning village. From there, he joined up with Ralof's family in a nearby village named Riverwood and plotted his next move. Ralof urged him to head to the city of Whiterun and warn the Jarl about the dragon attack, which Garrel only agreed to because the Jarl might offer him a reward. His ultimate goal, however, was to seek revenge on his childhood tormentor, Grelod the Kind. He would make his way to Riften soon enough.

The next day, Garrel set out for Whiterun, not only planning to speak with the Jarl but to scope out the city for potential loot. The Jarl, instead of rewarding him as he had hoped, sent Garrel out on a quest to retrieve the ancient Dragonstone of Bleak Falls Barrow for the court wizard . That night, he set out execute multiple small heists on the local businesses, all of which failed due to him running out of lockpicks. Faced with no other option, Garrel decided to head for Bleak Falls Barrow.

Though the dungeon crawl proved difficult due to a number of bandits and draugr , Garrel ultimately came out successful with the Dragonstone in hand. After returning to Whiterun, he had little time to stand on ceremony as another dragon prepared to attack the city. After aiding the Jarl's housecarl and a number of his men in killing the dragon, he was finally rewarded with little more than an honorary title of Thane. Disgusted, Garrel abandoned Whiterun and made his way to Riften to execute his revenge.

A few day's journey led Garrel to his hometown with only a few septims to his name. Before he could rent a room at the inn, he was stopped by a bulky nordic fellow named Brynjolf , who gave him a proposition. If Garrel could perform a small job for him, Brynjolf would offer him much greater work in the future. Intrigued by the prospect that the Nord might be a part of the enigmatic Thieves' Guild he'd always heard so much about, Garrel quickly agreed. The job went smooth, and surely enough Brynjolf offered Garrel a path into the guild. After making his way down to the Ragged Flagon , the guild's headquarters, he was given a final test to extort some protection money out of the local merchants. 

Garrel succeeded due to his brutal demeanor, and was granted entry into the guild as an official member. After meeting the guild's less than charming leader, Mercer Frey , he was given his first real job: infiltrate the highly guarded and virtually impenetrable Goldenglow Estate and retrieve a couple of important documents, as well as to burn down the estate's bee farm as a message to its owner. After a couple of days to plan out the heist and prepare, Garrel set out to the estate and made his way inside. Sticking to the shadows and remembering his training, the elf snuck his way into the depths of the manor and stole the bill of sale. Burning down the hives, however, proved more difficult. In a display of desperation with few other options, he charged straight into the bee farm in front of the dozen mercenaries guarding it and burned it to the ground with torches within seconds. Now with the attention of the entire mercenary force, he dove into the river and never turned back. 

Rising Through the Ranks

Maven Black-Briar , the unofficial leader of the guild and crime boss of Riften, met with Garrel herself to debreif him and offer him a second assignment. A rival meadery in Whiterun needed elinating through subterfuge and deceit, and Garrel was handpicked to do it. Before leaving the city, however, he made his way to Honorhall during the night and slit Grelod's throat. 

A few days later, Garrel found himself in Whiterun. After meeting with Mallus Maccius , Maven's contact in the city, Garrel planned the downfall of Whiteurn's Honningbrew Meadery . He presented himself as a bystander looking for work to the meadery's owner and offered to help deal with his pest problem. In reality, his goal was to make his way to the brewing vats and drop poison into them so that the captain of Whiterun's guard would drink it, arrest the brewery owner, and shut down the business so Maven could take over. The plan was successful: Honingbrew Meadery was eliminated, leaving the entire market share open to Maven. After wrapping up business in the city, Garrel proceeded back to Riften.

First, however, he responded to a job offer from Siddgier, Jarl of Falkreath . Always open for opportunities to impress the nobility of Skyrim, Garrel accepted an offer to eliminate some bandits for the corrupt Jarl. The job went smoothly, and Garrel was well rewarded. Before leaving town, however, he encountered a young girl and fellow thief named Arissa . After falling into the young girl's plot to steal Garrel's coinpurse, he saved her from being arrested by the town guards and recruited her into his service. 

Maven was pleased with Garrel's work in Whiterun and directed him back to Mercer Frey for further work. After determining that someone was attempting to shut down the guild by eliminating their connection to Maven Black-Briar, Mercer, based on the documents Garrel had so far collected, learned that an Argonian contact named Gulum-Ei had brokered the Goldenglow sale. Mercer sent Garrel on a mission to Solitude , Gulum-Ei's location, to shake down the Argonian for information regarding who was trying to destroy the guild. 

Upon retiring to bed that night, however, Garrel and Arissa were captured in the night and taken to an abandoned shack in the middle of Hjaalmarch by a mysterious woman named Astrid , who revelaed herself as the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. After giving Garrel the option to repay the debt of the contract he stole by killing Grelod, Garrel murdered three other hostages Astrid had rounded up into the shack. Impressed by his deadly charm, Astrid extended Garrel an invitation to join the guild of assassins and gave him the key to leave the shack.

Arissa and Garrel made their way to Skyrim's capital, hoping to snag some loot from the rich and famous while in the city. Shortly after arriving and witnessing the execution of Roggvir , they encountered the enigmatic Gulum-Ei in the Winking Skeever , Solitude's inn. Only agreeing to tell Garrel what he knows in exchange for a case of Firebrand Wine only available from the city's palace itself, the Argonian eventually revealed very little in regard to the shadow operative the guild was trying to find. Convinced that he was witholding important information, Garrel tailed Gulum-Ei to the East Empire Company warehouse , evading guards along the way. After cornering the Argonian, Garrel threatened to make his life miserable unless he told who the operative was. With no other choice but to give her up, Gulum-Ei revealed that a Dunmer named Karliah was in charge of the deceit. After letting Gulum-Ei live, Arissa and Garrel left the warehouse and returned to Solitude.

After returning to the city, Garrel had a run in with another Argonian named Jaree-Ra, who offfered him a job raiding a ship called the Icerunner. Garrel would extinguish the lighthouse flame, leaving the ship with no guidance to the point that it would run aground, ripe for the taking. He had also planned on commiting a single grand heist of all the city's shops with the assistance of Arissa. The two split up with Garrel taking half of the stores. Within hours, the heist was complete, and Garrel made his way to Solitude's lighthouse to execute the Icerunner heist.

The plan succeeded. The Icerunner ran aground and Jaree-Ra's team of marauders hijacked it and its loot. He sent Garrel to speak with Deeja, his sister, for his share of the loot. The entire plan was a setup, however: Deeja and her fellow marauders turned on Garrel when he arrived, leaving him to fight his way out. Infuriated and ready for revenge, Garrel tracked Jaree-Ra down and executed him for his treachery. 

A New Brother

After wrapping up his business in Solitude, Garrel and Arissa took a carriage to the village of Falkreath to meet up with the Dark Brotherhood in their sanctuary. Upon being greeted by the Black Door, he was officially welcomed into the guild by Astrid. Though he wasn't assigned a high-profile contract from the beginning, he was given multiple simple hits from Nazir, a Redguard assassin and ranking member. After coldly introducing himself to each of the Brotherhood's members, he set out for Ivarstead to execute his first victim.

After killing Narfi in Ivarstead, Garrel returned to the Ragged Flagon to tell Mercer about Karliah. Mercer, gravely upset by the news, ordered Garrel to join him on an assassination mission to kill the Dunmer at what he believed was her location in Snow Veil Sanctum, a Nordic barrow south of Winterhold. Meanwhile, he set out for Windhelm to execute his second target on the way to Winterhold.

After taking care of some business in the city for the Guild, Garrel made his way to Anga's Mill to kill Ennodius Papius. After fulfilling the contract, he continued to the outskirts of Winterhold where Mercer was waiting at the Sanctum. 

The two made their way into the depths of the nordic barrow and encountered their target, Karliah, at the end. After a brief scuffle with the two, it was revealed that it was actually Mercer Frey who murdered Gallus, the Guild's former master, not Karliah as was previously believed. Karliah escaped via invisibility and Garrel, immobilized by a paralasis-poisoned arrow intended to save his life, was betrayed and stabbed by Mercer and left to die.

Outside of the Sanctum, Karliah tended to Garrel until he regained consciousness. She explained the situation to him and, eager for revenge against Mercer, Garrel agreed to help Karliah with a task. She had obtained Gallus' encoded journal and sent him to Winterhold to speak with a wizard named Enthir to begin decoding it. 

After meeting with Enthir in Winterhold, Garrel learned that the only way to decode the journal would be to steal the research notes of a wizard named Calcelmo in the city of Markarth. After determining this course of action, Garrel first travelled to Dawnstar to finish his third and final contract to kill a mine boss named Beitild. While doing so, he met up with a dunmer named Erandur who recruited him to aid Dawnstar's nightmare problem in which the citizens of the village experienced horrid dreams. After being told that the dreams were a product of the daedric prince Vaermina, he quickly agreed, hoping to gain the lady's favor.

After fighting their way through Nightcaller Temple, the two reached the Skull of Corruption, the source of Dawnstar's nightmares. When Erandur attempted to destroy it, Vaermina communicated with Garrel and convinced him to murder Erandur and take the skull for himself as a reward. Satisfied that he had done his lady's bidding, Garrel left the temple and moved on to Falkreath to turn in his contracts to Nazir.


Garrel is noted for his cruel, cold, calculating and brutal personality that he developed as a child as a result of his abuse from Grelod. He's developed a reputation as a ruthless killer and thief who only cares about the acquisition of wealth and power. He has a great deal of emotional scarring from his childhood and is hesitant to form close relationships. He's never had any romantic interaction aside from the occasional one-night stand with a tavern wench, and has never experienced the pleasure of friendship. The only reason he agreed to allow Arissa to join him was to have a backup plan in case someone needs to be thrown to the wolves to save his own skin. He is incredibly paranoid and distrustful of people and will almost always choose to work alone. 

Many would argue that Garrel is insane. He exhibits both psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies, as he has no regard for the rule of law and has no moral qualms with killing people. His bloodlust alone is enough to set him up for life in a mental health facility, but anyone who would dare to throw him in one would just end up in the bottom of Lake Ilinalta. 

Garrel worships the Daedric pantheon, but not strictly. He may be seen praying to Nocturnal before a heist, for example, but is not devout nor zealous in his beliefs.

Crimes Committed

People Murdered

  • Grelod the Kind - Head of Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. Murdered by Garrel as a revenge killing for the poor manner in which she treated him as a child.
  • Vasha - One of Astrid's captives. Murdered by Garrel as part of his initiation into the Dark Brotherhood
  • Alea Quintus - One of Astrid's captives. Murdered by Garrel as part of his initiation into the Dark Brotherhood
  • Fultheim the Fearless - One of Astrid's captives. Murdered by Garrel as part of his initiation into the Dark Brotherhood
  • Jaree-Ra - An Argonian marauder. Murdered by Garrel for betraying him during the Icerunner Heist.
  • Narfi - A deranged beggar. Murdered by Garrel as part of a Dark Brotherhood contract.
  • Ennodius Papius - A paranod ex-miller. Murdered by Garrel as part of a Dark Brotherhood contract.
  • Beitild - A mine boss. Murdered by Garrel as part of a Dark Brotherhood contract.
  • Erandur - A priest of Mara. Murdered by Garrel after being convinced to do so by the Daedric Prince Vaermina.