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Hello, this is my first blog so sorry if it is not good. Anyways, this blog is about how races are like certain cultures and peoples in real life. 

Races & Culture Similarities


As most people know, Imperials are basically like the Romans. With a empire, tons of soldiers, etc.

"Cyrodiilic humans (also known as Imperials) bear significant resemblence to the ancient Romans. This is evidenced most noticeably through their culture and government, as well as their miltitary (with Roman-esque armor and titles such as Legate). Some cities and other parts of Cyrodiil have some similarities to Rome and it's surroundings." Jonesy95


The Nordic culture and names are similar to the Norsemen. ( vikings ) The setting of Skyrim is also Norse like. ( e.g. snowy mountains etc. )

"BTW, you might want to mention under the Nords section that Skyrim resembles Norway. You might also want to clean up the other descriptions a bit. I can give you some suggestions if you need them." Jonesy95

"Vikings mixed with natives? Nords mixed with Bretons? Reachmen! Normandy is the Reach?" Tholanar


It's pretty easy to figure out with the curved swords, hats, deserts in Hammerfell, look etc. that Redguards are like Arabians. 

Other Races

I did just the easy races. In the comments, put what you think the other races are like. I will give credit to the people and put exactly what they said above.


"Bretons could be considered French (Breton - Brittany), with their French names. The Breton page also voices the possibility that they are similar to one of the cultures that dominated Europe but then clashed with Rome, who won. This led to an Celtic-Latin hybrid of sorts." Tarkastio

"Breton I think english" A Wikia Contributor

"Bretons have their own real-world counterparts of the same name, as can be seen here. Not sure about the mer and betmer, though. Perhaps more light will be shed in The Elder Scrolls Online and future game" Jonesy95

"Bretons are likely based on their similarly-named real-world counterparts. They have some French names, but because of their real-world proximity to Britain, you could go further and say that they're based on the Medieval West-Europe knights that once inhabited the area. During the era of knights, there was a point where the cultures of France and England met. Due to the Bretons of TES having some French and slightly Medieval names, I would guess this.

Something else interesting to note is that nearby the province of Brittany in France isNormandy, which was inhabited by Vikings who mixed with the natives. I'd see this similarly to how Skyrim is located close to High Rock. But hey, it's just a theory :P" FaceOfJanus

"Vikings mixed with natives? Nords mixed with Bretons? Reachmen! Normandy is the Reach?" Tholanar


"Bosmer are almost Native-American-esque due to their being misunderstood by "civilized races", their fondness for nature, their habit for painting their bodies, their lack of unified government, their organization into clan/tribe like groups, etc" Tarkastio


Please put feedback in the comments. This is my first Elder Scrolls blog and I am in a hurry so it might not be good.