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    Smithing Guide

    July 24, 2013 by Gamerskull

    This is the most easy way to level up your smithing to 90 in skyrim. So first you go to the skyforge and you will see a blacksmith their. you go up to him and say "what have you got for sale" then you give him the stuff that costs the most. then you do the glitch for skyrim (but if you dont know how to do the glitch in skyrim then watch my video

      about it on youtube my name on youtube is Killian Taylor) then later in the glitch you will go under the skyforge and search the chest there then get every thing out of the chest then you go out of the glitch and wait 28 or 48 hours then go back up to the blacksmith and sell him all the stuff that was from the chest after that if you have a lot of money then ask him to train you for smithing then …

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