So to help the Wiki i decided to make this blog explaining how to extract audio files from Oblivion and Skyrim

Step 1

Have either The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Construction Set for Oblivion or Creation Kit for Skyrim.

Step 2

Load a File

TES4 CS select a file

So you go in the File Tab and select load then select the ESM of the game or of the desired expansion or DLC.

Step 3

select the character

TES CS Object window select

Then let's say I want to get a audio file from Martin first i would select actors tab then NPC tab and then Imperial section and would look for him there (OBS: in Skyrim Creation kit there is the option of searching the name instead of looking through the list)and then would select him.

Step 4

After selecting it you click in the Dialogue tab in the character menu

TES4 CS character menu

then you look for the quote you want in the tabs.

TES4 CS Dialogue menu

once you click in the dialogue you want this box will appear

TES4 CS edit response

and you will want to copy the Voice filename and after that to the next step

Step 5

For this step you will need a Bethesda File Archiver opener and i use FOMOD so lets get to it. Firstly you will open a BFA with the FOMOD which will bring you to a screen and now you paste the voice filename you copied in the search tab and pick the mp3 or Waz file (depends if you are doing this in Oblivion or Skyrim) and select it and put it in a folder or something.

FOMOD Select audio

After that you convert the audio file to OGG to add it to wikia and merge the audio files if necessary and there it is your quote

"You should Talk to Jauffre. He needs your help. Trouble down in Bruma, I think."
―Martin Septim[src]

TES4 Martin Troubleinbruma