Hello, fellow gamers.

My character is a breton named Gandalf. (Gandalf is my nickname in reality, since my gamertag is "GandalfTheGray". It just stuck.) I picked Breton because I expected to be a Spellsword, but i quickly switched to Archery at around level 10. I am now a level 38. My current skills are as follows: 78 Enchanting, 100 Smithing, 35 One-Handed, 74 Archery, 50 Light Armor, 46 Sneak, 46 Lockpicking, 100 Speech, 45 Destruction, and 37 Restoration. All other skills are too low to mention.

I'm at High Hrothgar. Don't know what I was doing here last time I played. I think I was asking Arngeir for a word location. He tells me to go to Valthume in west Skyrim, south of Markarth.

I arrive at a cave called Gloomreach, the closest discovered location to Valthume. It should be a quick trek , so I leave my steed Shadowmere behind and start walking toward my quest marker. then I think, why not explore Gloomreach? Its menacing black crevace looks inviting. I equip my Legendary Daedric bow and turn around.

As I enter Gloomreach, there is no immediate threat, just a brightly lit tree. The room with the tree is big, with a path on the left. There are rays of light shining on a specific spot. I go over to it and find and ingredian called Blisterwart. I harvest it.

I turn around and continue exploring, I take that single path out of the bright room. The path seems to lead to nowhere for a bit, but then I turn a corner and find a Falmer. BAM! The music changes to an intense theme, but I kill the falmer with a single shot. I loot 22 gold and continue. The music has stopped.

It appears as a mine, there is pickaxes everywhere. i spot a barrell with a book called "Withershins" on it. I read it and end up increasing my Illusion. Useless, I don't even use Illusion, but I take the book anyways. I proceed with my objective, which is really nothing right now. There are strange noises in this place, I don't like it...Screw the Falmer. I take a path off to the right, not expecting anything, and jump as a Chaurus jumps out from around the corner, squirting poison. I draw an arrow and it hits its mark, leaving it with and iron arrow sticking out of its head and a sliver of health remaining. I finish hime off, noticing that there is another. it is killed just the same. I could have one hit them if I used better arrows, but I'm using iron since I have collected about 500 of them

I turn a corner and kill another Falmer, this one an archer. i loot 22 more gold from him and notice he has a small Dwemer Lever. Maybe there is some Dwemer here, I hate those machines.

I pause to write this down and exit the inventory with intent to continue. I try, but I'm going slow, walking as if I've exceeded my carrying capacity. Knowing I haven't, I check my active effects, and theres the red text. I've contracted Bone Break Fever. It drains my stamina by 25 points. Luckily, I always carry a potion of Cure Disease. Always. So I drink it and proceed. I only had one, so I hope I don't conract anything else.

I turn a corner and thers another Falmer, he too gets one hit. *sigh* This is just too easy. It appears I've stumpbled upon a small Falmer village because as I turn a corner, it looks like and underground town. I spot two more Falmer, so I decide to sneak. I kill them both without being detected... I try to continue, but this is just too boring. I turn aroung and head to the exit, I'm going to get that word.

As I enter the world, it is sunrise, 7:25 AM in Tamriel. I see Shadowmere and decide to ride him to close this short distance even faster.

I ride to Valthume with absolutely no obstacles. I dismount, climb the steps, and turn around to admire the sunrise.

I must log off now, fellow gamers.

Thanks for reading. Please leave your questions and comments below. Have a nice day.

And remember,

Sky above. Voice within.