Hello, fellow gamers.

Last I left, I was on the steps of Valthume, admiring the sunrise. As I am admiring Skyrims great beauty, a strange thing happens.

An elk come running across the land. I think to myself "Hmm, theres an elk." Then the elk starts to walk up the steps. Then I thinks maybe its hostile somehow, because that has happened before. With foxes too. But once the elk gets within punching distance, it turns around and runs away. Then, two Orc hunters come around a corner and start chasing after it with bows, yelling stuff about killing. Then I realize they are hunter, and the elk is the hunted. I decide to leave the hunters alone. I enter Valthume.

As I enter, a blue ghost wearing an iron helmet approaches. He tells me to leave, for there is evil in this place, and that he fears for the security of the land. I asm him what he means. he says we stand at the tomb of some guy who has been dead for generations. At this point, I think I accidently skip a bit of dialogue. But I heard something about evil and I have to fetch three vessels from Valthume so he can stop the evil dead guy. This starts the "Evil In Waiting" quest. After I am finished talking to him, a door opens and I continue.

I end up not finishing that quest, but I went through Valthume. In short, I killed a lot of frostbite spiders, killed a lot of Draugr (found out my Thu'um is much stonger than theirs), searched plenty of urns, and learned the Aura Whisper shout. Now to go back to High Hrothgar for my next word.

Arngeir wants me to go to Nothwind Summit, but I will save that for later.

The Greybeards are awesome. I like what they say. For example, when you ask for a word location, they say that they have heard a whissper, give me your map and we'll show you where it's echo can be found. Gives me chills it so awesome.

25th of Morning Star- Cyrodiil

After recieving my next word location, a though popped into my head. Yes, that's how thought enters my mind. I have this brilliant idea to go and see if I can see Cyrodiil. Oh, the nice days of Oblivion beckon me. Anyways, it makes sense that you would be able to see Cyrodiil if you went to souther Skyrim and looked south, so thats where I'm going.

I'm currently at High Hrothgar. Not too far away from the southern border, so that is my destination, the edge of the world.

I leave High Hrothgar, jump on Shadowmere, and fast travel to Hoemer's Shame. Seems a decent place to start. So I set out for the south.

As I begin on a trail that seems it would have potential to lead south, around this mountain, I come across a Nord hunter chick. She doesn't really have anything woth my time...except her looks. She's pretty hot. I should have been a chick. Sneak+stab is right, lesbians are hot.

Anyways, I leave her alone. As I make my way down the trail, the mountainos area breaks away. I come across Fort Neugrad. Instantly, there ae many red dots on my compass. Five bandits, I killed four, and Shadowmere got some action. I loot them for gold and arrows and quickly move along, finding a convinient trail heading south.

I cut off the trail and head south, into the wild. The trail turned west. I find an empty dragon mound, nothing there. I continue south and reach a clearing, another mountain in the way. Shadowmere and I valiantly try to scale the mountain. We get about half way up, then I see the white text at the top left, telling me I cannot go that way. Frustrated, I try to get around some place with a decent view. I want to see White Gold Tower. *sigh* I might just put in Oblivion and play. (I have all the achievments for it, yay!)

As I try to get a view, I come across a trail, ending abruptly with a big wooden gate. Thats it. That is the road to Cyrodiil. (DLC hopefully.) If only I could get a view. Frustrated, I mount my steed and attemt to ride east, toward Riften, remaining on the border. I run into a spellsord at some cave. She attacks Shadowmere with a shord. i one hit her, no one touches my horse.

Soon after the spellsword, and after climbing some steep slopes, I finally get a bit of a view...but there is nothing. Only fog. *sigh* I'm gonna have to play Oblivion for a bit. The beauties of Cyrodiil.

I dismount hign on a ledge overlooking For Neugrad and a small lake. A beautiful sight. Its 9:48 AM in Tamriel. An awsome morning. I don't think any game even gets close to the beauty of Skyrim. Except maybe Oblivion. Now I'm left wondering what to do, something that should rearly happen in TES. I'll go get that word at Northwind Summit.

Northwind Summit is just north of Riften. My slosest location being a place salled Shor's Stone, I fast travel there.

The trek to the Summit is short, I used Shadowmere to climb the mountain. As soon as I arrive I am assualted by a dragon. I quickly equip the Dragonrend Shout and force him to the ground. For some reason, he attacks on Shadowmere. I make quick work of him, and loot him. Leaving me near my weight limit. 349/350. For that reason, I decide to travel to my manor in Solitude to deposit treasure, but I can't find my steed. Surely he can't be dead, hopefully not. I go over to the word wall, hoping for a new awwesome shout, but I end up with the second word of Aura Whisper. I still can't find my horse. I unlock the word and decide to use it, atleast it sounds cool. I find him, around a corner and travel to Solitude.

After arriving in Solitude and depositing my goods I decide to log off. i have a couple more hours and I think I might play Oblivion...or homework. *sigh* I haven't played Oblivion since 11/10/11.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. And as always, have a nice day.

And remember...

Sky above. Voice within.