I am thinking about starting a blog about my adventures in Skyrim. I believe I could do at least a decent job. The only problem is, there's already plenty of people doing this.

So, I would like to ask the person reading this: Do you think it is a good idea? Please leave your opinion below.

It might work out, it might not, seeing that there is plenty of users blogging their adventures.

It I do this, I will try to make it daily, as in one on every weekday morning. I'm at school and I should have time to do it every morning. I can do it at home too.

My current character is a Breton, 74 Archery, 100 Speech, 100 Smithing, and 78 Enchanting. Those are my major skills I'm on right now. I'm a level 38. Logged 55 hours. My game plan is to get Enchanting to 100 and maybe Alchemy to 100 and make some really good armor and weapons. I prefer Dragonscale armor. Though if I would have known, I would have went with heavy armor and gotten the Conditioning perk.

Well, thats it. I'll save my adventures for the blog.

Sky above. Voice within.