• GeneralTullius

    I have been thinking ; we all know how heavily the Empire is based on the Roman Empire, and looking at the latter's history made me realize that it is possible that the empire will fall in TES6.

    Just look at the evidance I have found

    1. IF the stormcloaks win the civil war, the Empire will be split into two one Cirodiilin the east and High Rock in the west.

    2. Tides Mede ll may be a reference to Theodosius, and after his death, the Roman empire got split into two.

    3. Amaund Montierre tells you that al lot of people will be happy after you kill the emperor. This may just be him, trying to justify his actions, or could indicate tension at the top of the empire.

    So, the question is, do you think about a split up/ ending of is going to happen, and …

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