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    I was just wondering to myself about the concept to have Dragon Shouts as words and a form of communication, I see it as very refreshing the Dragon Lore and that I haven't seen it in anyother series (Books, Movies or Video Games).

    Did Bethesda come up with it themselves or does the credit go to another author? I can imagine the idea becoming very popular in the future, almost as big as Tolkien's concept that Orcs share the same ancestors as elves. 

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    Movie? GGH Blog

    October 12, 2012 by Getgroundhog

    I warn you, the following blog you’re about to read has quite a bit of adult language (I can’t express myself any other way).... and terrible grammer.

    Hi, Hello, Greeting, Salutations or whatever opening to a blog that sounds the least douche-y, it is I, Getgroundhog, premiering my new blog on Video Game related topics. This week (or rather when I can be bothered to write these things) I will be discussing the inevitable; Zenimax whoring out the TES franchise above a simple MMO, but also a MOVIE!

    It’s no secret that many video game franchises have released or are going to release feature-length flicks in an attempt to squeeze a quick buck from their audience or the simple movie-goer on the back of a popular brand. To name just a few: Assassi…

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    Hearthfire Review.

    September 5, 2012 by Getgroundhog

    Game includes:

    3 Generic Housecarls.

    4 New Generic Children.

    3 Generic Build Your Own Homes.

    About 6 minutes of new dialogue.

    Nothing to get excited about and should of really been added as a feature to a big DLC.

    I can describe this Add-on in one sentence...

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    This is a plot hole that really annoys me, no it's not how Arniel can carry Keening or even how the hell did the Dwemer put the Oghma Infinium in the box. No, it's much more shocking and completely destroys the lore.

    Brace yourselves...

    If you can cook Chicken recipes in Skyrim.. how come the only way to harvest Chicken leads to having an army of pissed off guards killing you?

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    I've been thinking of creating a quest mod for Skyrim and my idea is for it to be based off of the new batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. I'm going to call it The Dragonborn Rises, it won't be a total rip-off, it'll just have similiar characters and plot, for example; Bane (Maybe a masked 8 foot Imperial who sounds like sean connery speaking through a towel).

    I'm new to modding, since I just got Skyrim for the PC and I thought I'm just going to go straight into it and create a huge 20 hour storyline and learn as I go. (So It'll probably take longggggggg to make).

    Anyone got any tips or websites that are helpful for creating a quest mod?

    Also any ideas for plots, I'd love some creative Ideas.

    "When skyrim is ashes, you have my permission to d…

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