• Ghost Anubis

    The 10,000 edits blog

    October 1, 2014 by Ghost Anubis

    Alright so I'm not much of a blogger, & have only made one other blog besides this which was deleted lol. However, I have just hit the 10k edit mark on the wiki & I feel that I should look back on what I have done to reach this point so here goes.

    I joined the wiki in December of last year, & became a chat mod a month later, but didn't start editing the mainspace until early February. I was nominated by Sky Above,Voice Within a month later & became a patroller for the first time in March, & ended up resigning and going on hiatus for several months in early April. I later returned in mid July to become a member of the community once more.

    I started being active here again & catching up with some old friends, & remaining active in the chat. Th…

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