Orsinium is just a city in the mountains, but do you think it has the potential to become a province? A request for provincial status was recently made, and it is currently under review by the Empire. Maybe it's possible that the next TES game could be set in Orsinium.

There is definitely a conflict that could be featured as a main quest. The Orcish ruler Gortwog gro-Nagorm does not believe Malacath is real. The remaining Orcs who do believe in Malacath view Gortwog's views as heretical. Perhaps the player could join the Malacath worshippers and invade Orsinium with Daedra, or maybe the player could side with Gortwog and defend Orsinium from the Daedra.

There is also the possibilty that the Orcs could wage war against High Rock and take it from the Bretons. It is completely possible that the Orcs could gain provincial status by invading another province, although the Empire may not like it very much.

There are tons of possibilities with Orsinium and I would love to see it added as a game.