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    Roleplaying Tips

    January 25, 2014 by Goldflame33

    There are some roleplayers that I have come to respect and enjoy working with, and there are some that make me hesititate to join a new RP. What sets them apart? Here are 11 tips to improve your roleplay:

    While no one will hold the occassional slip up against you, it can be hard to take someone seriously if they don't have any regard for spelling.  I can remember completely ignoring posts because I could not understand what was trying to be said. I myself have some trouble not pointing out errors made routinely. If you do say something, don't be snotty about it. So please, take a moment to reread posts before submitting them.

    When joining a new RP, don't just scroll down to the bottom and start filling out a sheet for a replica of your Skyri…

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